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My unraid (v6.7.2) server, which has been running well until the other day, it completely stopped responding. I attempted to reboot it and it would sometimes get stuck on the "loading bzroot" stage. Other times it would seeming throw an exception. I have no idea what the green blocks on the monitor are:




I've tried a couple of things:


  • Ran memtest, passed
  • Copied a known backup flash copy from a month ago that I know works (v6.7.2)
  • I'm using an old MobileLite G2, I replaced the card with a new Sandisk Extreme PLUS 32GB SDHC
  • Replaced the MobileLite with a Sandisk Cruzer Glide 32GB
  • Tried downloading and 6.8.2 clean format, copying my config from my known "good" copy
  • Tried downloading and 6.8.2 clean format, copying my config from my known "good" copy, only selective files/folders:
  • 298805887_2-21-20208-53-03PM.thumb.png.b84072ea5a0b196f1412ade8da430efa.png



Sometimes it will actually boot to the login screen, but it soon throws some kind of exception.


Since the entire OS becomes unresponsive, how would I track down the log of this? I need to get a diagnostic, but IIRC unraid stores logs in memory, which doesn't help me here.


Next I might just try a completely fresh 6.8.2 install, but I don't want to have to recreate all of my settings from scratch... (Edit: just did this and it still faulted out -- seemingly there is a hardware error somewhere, but how can I figure out what's wrong)?


Any thoughts?



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