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  1. For anyone reading this, I managed to solve it by pulling the github repo, https://github.com/Taxel/PlexTraktSync, installing Python, and running "python main.py" directly to run the authentication process, which creates the .env and .pytrakt.json files. Then I copied the created .env and .pytrakt.json files to the docker filesystem in the same directory. Actually, I'm not able to access the filesystem without starting the docker, and I can't start the docker in interactive mode (in order to enter my auth information) through the Unraid GUI. So, instead, enter the terminal for your Unraid server, type "docker image ls", find the docker ID of the container, then type "docker run -it <docker_ID>" of the docker ID you found. This will allow you to configure the docker as needed to create the .env and .pytrakt.json files.
  2. Hi, I'm attempting to manually install PlexTraktSync here: https://hub.docker.com/r/twolaw/plextraktsync I have the container set up, but it's missing the credentials (looking at the log I see "Please enter your Plex username: "). I'm currently stuck at this step: I've installed NerdTools to be able to install python 3. However, due to the way the docker is set up in Unraid (I'm guessing), it's not a listed module using something like help("modules"). I'm not really that familiar with docker, but there doesn't appear to be any variables that I can set to set my authorization for either Plex and/or Trakt. Note that I'm a docker/linux novice, so any help would be appreciated.
  3. I successfully downloaded a video, but was unable to move the file out of the destination directory. Perhaps it's a permission issue on the file?
  4. Not sure if this is the issue you're having but it has to do with existing session data at least in the x64 version of Duplicati. When in the web UI, for Chrome, right click "inspect" go to the "Application" and click the "Clear Site Data" button then reload.
  5. Does anyone know why the plugin keeps getting uninstalled for me? I think it's between reboots, but can't be sure. Sometimes it just disappears and I have to reinstall it again...
  6. Does anyone have any idea if there is some kind of HDD mount for 3.5" drives that doesn't mount in a drive bay? I'm using an Antec Twelve Hundred with an mATX motherboard (E3C246D4U), so there is some space where a full ATX motherboard would fit. I need to mount an internal 3.5" but all of my drive slots for the front drive bays are taken by three 5-in-1 drive cages, so there is no more space there. I'm going to put a 3.5" drive for access outside of the array for torrents using a docker, I think using an external USB is probably asking for trouble, so I want to have a direct SATA connection. I need to mount the 3.5" drive somewhere, I don't think it's a good idea to just let it float in the case. Does anyone know if there are drive cages you could mount say, on the server chassis where the full ATX case would extend?
  7. So it seems to be tied to the preclear plugin script. I've had the server running for days now with the memory usage hovering around 22%-25% on 8GB. Once I start a preclear, this causes the machine to have out of memory issues within a few hours.
  8. @Squid Here you go. persephone-diagnostics-20200228-1508.zip
  9. I'm having some issues with my unRAID samba and web UI becoming unresponsive after about 12 hours of uptime. However, I can still login to the machine locally, and I was able to recover the syslog (attached). There seems to be some kind of memory issue, but I can't seem to figure out what's the offending process. Can anyone take a look? syslog
  10. fnwc

    Kernel panic

    So I ended up completely reseating my memory and CPU (and reapplied thermal paste) -- everything looks good so far.
  11. Hi, My unraid (v6.7.2) server, which has been running well until the other day, it completely stopped responding. I attempted to reboot it and it would sometimes get stuck on the "loading bzroot" stage. Other times it would seeming throw an exception. I have no idea what the green blocks on the monitor are: I've tried a couple of things: Ran memtest, passed Copied a known backup flash copy from a month ago that I know works (v6.7.2) I'm using an old MobileLite G2, I replaced the card with a new Sandisk Extreme PLUS 32GB SDHC Replaced the MobileLite with a Sandisk Cruzer Glide 32GB Tried downloading and 6.8.2 clean format, copying my config from my known "good" copy Tried downloading and 6.8.2 clean format, copying my config from my known "good" copy, only selective files/folders: Sometimes it will actually boot to the login screen, but it soon throws some kind of exception. Since the entire OS becomes unresponsive, how would I track down the log of this? I need to get a diagnostic, but IIRC unraid stores logs in memory, which doesn't help me here. Next I might just try a completely fresh 6.8.2 install, but I don't want to have to recreate all of my settings from scratch... (Edit: just did this and it still faulted out -- seemingly there is a hardware error somewhere, but how can I figure out what's wrong)? Any thoughts?
  12. I'm trying to set up the CA Backup for my Docker and my various containers. Docker vDisk location: /mnt/cache/docker.img Default appdata storage location: /mnt/user/appdata/ Can someone explain how to set up the CA Backup settings? Current settings: Appdata Share (Source): /mnt/cache Destination Share: /mnt/user/CA Backup I assume I need to backup both directories in order to save all my docker data. I think I've set it up correctly for the vDisk location, how can I setup a separate backup for the appdata storage location? I'm basically trying to ensure my Plex DB and configuration on my docker are backed up in case of data loss.
  13. @Frank1940 Thanks for the advice. Updating unRaid seemed to have fixed the issue.
  14. Looks like I'm running screen 4.6.2 (up to date) tmux 2.8 (need to update) utempter 1.1.6 (up to date) vnstat 2.1 (need to update) I'll update my nerd tools and also take a look at the new release as well.
  15. No VM's and Dockers. Running an ECS A88GM-A2 motherboard, AMD Sempron 145 @ 2.8 GHz 8 GB Memory (4 x 2GB) Plugins are: CA Auto Update Applications CA Backup / Restore Appdata Community Applications Dynamix Active Streams Dynamix Cache Directories Dynamix S3 Sleep Dynamix System Information Dynamix System Statistics Fix Common Problems Nerd Tools Network Statistics Preclear Disks User Scripts
  16. Any tips on how to troubleshoot this error? I can't access the log and/or machine at all, since the log is only in memory there's no way I can actually see the process causing the crash. Any tips for this? It's been happening with more and more frequency
  17. Question: I had a disk fail due to uncorrectable writes. The disk was then taken out of the array and the contents emulated. I put in a new disk and started rebuilding the array, but I'm wondering if the file copy that caused the write error would be ok or not. In other words, can I trust the parity to be correct in being able to reconstruct the missing data correctly, or should I assume whatever file(s) failed to copy are corrupt?
  18. Good video! I just recently started using Rclone from my Windows machine. If you set it up as a plugin directly in unRaid, as your video shows, does this prevent duplicate instances running if the script takes longer to run than your script interval?
  19. Thanks dgaschk, that did the trick. I just wanted to be extra sure...
  20. My parity drive is 4TB. I'm trying to figure out how I can force unraid to accept a drive and start without having it try to rebuild that drive from parity (since I'm pretty sure parity is invalid right now). Once I have the drive accepted (since the data is still "good" on it), I can rebuild parity correctly with the accepted drive. I'm wondering if the "trust my array" procedure is the correct way to accomplish this.
  21. Hi, I recently tried to upgrade a 1.5 TB drive to 4.0 TB drive, but something bad happened when trying to rebuild the replaced disk with existing parity (no drives past the replaced drive showed up on simple features and the unraid main page wouldn't load). I had to reset the server, which then on reboot, caused a parity check with correct to begin. I still have the old disk, however, so I'm pretty sure that my parity is bad, but all of the data disks are 'good'. Right now, I've put the old "good" 1.5 TB drive back in, but it isn't assigned and the slot is red balled because it's expecting the 4 TB drive. I "think" that I need re-assign the old 1.5 TB drive and run the trust my array procedure to get the array to accept the old drive back and rebuild parity based on the existing data. I want to make sure that I don't overwrite my existing data before I've had a chance to correct the parity drive. It also looks like there are changes to the "trust my array" procedure for 5.0. Is there anything specific that I should be careful about? Thanks in advance!
  22. Do you know if this is a motherboard compatibility issue or a NIC issue? I'm debating on whether or not to go buy a network card that is known to "work" so I don't have to troubleshoot this anymore.
  23. This isn't something you really need to do unless you have problems like mine.
  24. Did you put the above line in your "go" script, and then reboot? If so, then the avahi daemon will not be started at boot, so how can it still spam your syslog? I don't know what to tell you, but it didn't work. I edited "/boot/config/go" and added the line above and rebooted. After reboot, I'm still seeing the messages. The other fix worked, though. Thanks for that.