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Moving drives to another tower

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I have just setup tower3 for movies

Currently all the movies are on tower2

Can I remove the movie drives from tower2 and put them in tower3 and things will be happy or will I make unraid angry

I want to move them to tower3 and then repoint my plex to see them on tower3


Is there a proper process for this?




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Adding disks in the normal way will make Unraid clear them so parity remains valid.


You will have to New Config and rebuild parity if you want to add disks that have files on them.


As for getting plex to see them, depends on how you have plex set up.


If plex was accessing them from tower2 then I assume you had plex mapping a path to an SMB mount from Unassigned Devices. If you change that mapping so it has a different Host path and the same container path, then it should work without doing anything else.


Ask more questions if needed.

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Posted (edited)


So I should set both arrays to not start on startup and then do a new config for both servers once all disks are moved

I assume then that parity will be re-created on both servers


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