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6.8.2 Drive Red X - Rebuild Question (SOLVED)

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Drive issue not related to 6.8.2 upgrade as I did xfs check on all drives in maintenance mode before bringing array up after upgrade.  Got a read error on disk 2 on array start so I rebooted.  Drive came up and normal, but of course it is now disabled.  No smart errors so just something the repair did (but no lost+found either on that disk either).


Only options I have in 6.8.2 to bring the array online is to do a 'read check' which is a no-correct parity operation.  Question is why does it force this as the only option instead of allowing a disk rebuild on the disabled drive?  This seems new as I don't recall seeing this behavior on 6.7.2 and older.  I need to rebuild the disk not read the emulated disk contents, or am I missing something?  Thanks

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You need to follow the procedure that has always applied to do this

  • Stop array 
  • Unassign disabled disk 
  • Start array so the missing disk is registered 
  • Stop array 
  • Reassign disabled disk 
  • Start array to begin rebuild

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