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I'd be interested to know other plugin developers dev environment setups?  I struggle constantly making updates in that i have edit the plugin files in place on my server, then copy them down manually to my dev machine to push to git and do the release.  I'd be interested to know if anyone a something easier in place, and even any type of CI/CD integration setup.

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My work flow


I have /usr/local/emhttp/plugins shared over the network.


I do all development work on a Windows box with the files opened in Network++


When I want to either publish or test out  the plugin on another system, I just issue two commands in my putty session that copies the files back on to the Windows box (which hosts the local GitHub repository), and builds the .txz  On the other servers, I simply installpkg the .txz from the Windows box (the repos are shared over the network)


When I publish, I just change the version of the .plg file and update the md5 listed in the file and push to GitHub.  


Works perfect and painless for me.  And has the upshot that I can directly program on any of the servers and easily build the txz to test the changes on the other ones.

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I know this is an old topic but I think it's still relevant. I was recently looking at improving my process. I was looking at pre-commit ( but it's a little more complex than I want at the moment. Currently, I use github and have a master branch and a release branch. I set up a github action so that when I make a commit to the master branch, it will automatically package the txz, get the hash, and update it in the plg file, along with the version number and appending the commit message as the change log. It then pushes to the release branch. I had to make another branch to avoid an infinite loop scenario. The other issue is that if I need to make changes to the plg file, I need to make them on the release branch. But it saves a lot of time. Using pre-commit would solve that minor issue but it's just not the time setting it up at the moment.

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