[SOLVED] binhex-plexpass delete Home user


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Unraid 6.8.3

binhex-plexpass latest version


I have accidentally created an additional Home user, which also has Admin privileges.

My initial Home user doesn't appear to have Admin privileges, but that didn't seem to cause any problems.


Through additional bungling on my part, both Home users now have PIN numbers on them.


I really want to delete the additional Home user, but can't see how.

Opening the WebUI - Settings - Users & Sharing, 

a small red cross appears next to the Home user I want to keep, but not next to the one I wish to delete.


Screenshots attached showing each Home user highlighting showing no red cross next to terminaladdict (user to delete), but there is a red cross next to plexmpr (user to keep)


I've even tried installing PlexMediaServer onto the Unraid, but it appears to have picked up the user list from binhex-plexpass.


After that lengthy intro, my question is, how can I either delete the entire user list or delete all preferences so that I can have a fresh start please ?




Screen Shot 2020-04-29 at 9.31.40 AM.png

Screen Shot 2020-04-29 at 9.31.47 AM.png

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You can go directly to the correct support thread for any of your dockers by simply clicking on its icon and selecting Support.



But since this is a question about how to use plex rather than how to setup the plex docker, you might find your answers at the plex website.

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This is not related to the docker container. This is related to plex as Constructor mentioned.


terminaladdict is your plex user account. You can't delete that. You can however change your username.




Under Plex > Settings > Users & Sharing > You can delete the second home user by highlighting and clicking the X. Once deleted, you can then change your username to what you want.

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terminaladdict is the unwanted user. That's the one I accidentally added. 

I followed your link and I arrived at 'mprplex' user settings, that's a page I've never seen before. It gave me an option to delete the account, but that's the user I want to retain (it's the original user).

I tried logging in as terminaladdict user, but it's not accepting the PIN. I've been through a PIN reset, but it appears to go through successfully, but I still can't log in.

Is there perhaps a CLI command I can run to delete a user (or both users and then add my a/c back in).

At the moment, I've very reluctant to delete mprplex user when I can login as terminaladdict.

If I could remove the terminaladdict PIN then I'd delete mprplex. I've tried a PIN reset and tried entering blank PINs when doing a PIN change for terminal addict and neither seems to help. 


I suspect most of the underlying problem is I don't fully understand the relationship between my plex.tv account and the two accounts I've talked about here. 

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