Please rename your titles to [SOLVED] once they are solved.

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In order to ensure a faster review by other members it would be very helpful for all to append your thread titles with [sOLVED] when your questions have been answered to your satisfaction. For example you have the following topic.

Drive error, which would become [sOLVED] Drive error.


Just by doing this it would allow you to skip over [sOLVED] topics and get right to the ones that are still needing help. It by no means you can not continue to reply, but would ensure unsolved posts get faster attention.


If you have questions or need help feel free to contact a moderator.

Thank you



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  Just figured out how to actually rename the thread I had started...  of course if I had read this complete thread I would have known also before I tried it and scratched my head multiple times looking for a button to change subject/thread/subject name... 


  Just a suggestion, since I had looked at this thread long ago, before the replies were placed here with details of how to actually do it...  Could the very simple short instructions be placed in an edited version of the orignal post in this stickied thread?  Somthing like this...


  to change the example, Drive error,to [sOLVED] Drive error.


  1.  You need to be logged in and be the originator of the thread.

  2.  Go to the original post.

  3.  Select Modify to edit the original post,  Here you can also edit the original Topic Subject name.



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