Anybody using Asrock x370 killer Sli and LSI 9207-81?

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I bought the already flashed to IT mode LSI card 9207-81 off of Ebay, seller has a good reputation.  I have tried it in both my bigger pcie slots and can't get the motherboard to pick it up. 

FYI:  Ryzen cpu 1700X. 
Asrock x370 killer sli 


Anybody else running this board and card? Asrock support just says compatibility issue. It might be time for another board. I didn't want to change my CPU at the moment, but I do at some point. Not too many boards support a ist gen Ryzen and allow you to upgrade the cpu.


Using these cables




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11 hours ago, Gragorg said:

Is this a Dell card by chance?  Some of these card need 2 pins to be taped with electrical kapton tape to be recognized.


Electrical tape has no place inside card slots, it's too thick and the adhesive is nasty to remove after it's been aged and heat cycled.

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14 hours ago, Gragorg said:

Is this a Dell card by chance?  Some of these card need 2 pins to be taped with electrical  kapton tape to be recognized.

UPDATE: Thanks for the correction jonathanm


Thanks for the reply much appreciated! When I get a minute I will have to pull the card out and see. Didn't see it in the details. This is what I bought.

I think it is made by Dell.  Might just have to bite the bullet and buy a board, need more sata ports. My problem is I may have to change the cpu as well.  Have a Ryzen 1700x, not many boards support that with the option to upgrade the cpu. 


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