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New Build Network Issue (solved)

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Hi Everyone,


This morning I replaced all the guts of my server with upgraded hardware:


Gigabyte Aorus Pro B550

Ryzen 7 3700

Trident Z Neo DDR4-3200 - 16GB


But left all the HDD/Cache stuff there.  I then upgraded the BIOS to the latest release, change the boot order to my flash drive, and voila! Upgraded server!


Except... I can't see it on my network.  It will boot and start regularly when using GUI mode, but it won't be seen on the network.  Things I've tried:


- resetting the network (no change)

- changed the IP address from static (no change)

- new cable (no change)

- looking through the BIOS to see if there was some setting that I missed (didn't see anything)



- I do get the 'network lights' on the port when I plug the cable in

- there are 2 drives from which I can boot in the BIOS (one says 'partition 1'); maybe I have them in the wrong order?


This may not be unraid related (maybe more hardware related), but I wasn't sure if anyone's seen/had any issues like this using my particular board OR if maybe I'm just being an idiot and missed something easy.


Thanks so much for your time (diagnostics attached)!





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Hey Jorge,


Thanks for the link!  I wasn't sure if manual was still a preferred (possible) update method.


I've been reading through some other threads about some issues 6.9 beta (as well as some of the fixes) and I miiiight not be ready to live on the bleeding edge with my current unraid novice status, haha.  Might just grab a PCI NIC and call it a day until 6.9 stable releases.  


Thanks again!

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