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Unraid server locks up periodically and unexpectedly

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My unraid server (6.8.3) has been running for many years, and while it is old, it has served me well through memory upgrades, the addition of a cache pool, a new CPU, and 10GbE.


Recently however it has been "locking up" unpredictably.  The system is on and the console works (via hardwired keyboard and VGA monitor to Supermicro mobo), but network connectivity is gone (cannot access shares or webmanager via server name or IP address).  In addition the console is basically non responsive: commands like reboot or shutdown don't work.


I can hard reset and reboot and the system boots up fine and runs for 1 day or 1 week before a repeat "lock up".


Reviewing the log files (attached) I notice some CPU thread errors but I am far from a Linux expert so don't know what to make of them.  Do I have a new hardware problem (like a failing CPU), or is it something else?


I have attached my log file (I have it set to save all logs to the flash drive so that the errors are preserved post crash), my system profile, and my diagnostics, and appreciate any suggestions or help you can provide.



syslog System Profiler.txt

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