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  1. I did try it -- no joy! Thanks tho.
  2. I also have several Win10 systems on my home network, and only have problems with my Win10 Pro clients (the rest are Win10 Home). With Win10 Pro the only solution that works to allow File Manager access to my unraid server (either with server name or with IP address) is to create a User/Password combo on Unraid that matches my Win10 system, and then manually create those credentials in Windows Credential Manager. Then I can connect like I always used to, For some reason the tips to turn off password protected sharing, and allow SMB 1.0, and allow insecure guest no longer work with 20H2 without that account -- as far as I can determine!
  3. Got it. Thanks for the quick reply. Thunderbolt PCIe 10GbE on the way -- will also give that a shot.
  4. Unraid (nor any Linux variant I believe) does not support the Intel I219-V Gigabit LAN built-in NIC that is part of the Intel NUC 10th generation (Comet Lake). I have an Intel NUC 10i5FNH, and Unraid would boot but could not recognize or load a driver for the gigabit ethernet NIC natively and so could not pull an IP address. I have been able to run a trial license of Unraid using a USB3 hub with gigabit ethernet (ASIX Electronics Corp. AX88179 Gigabit Ethernet) which is supported, and Unraid can pull an IP through that connection. Obviously it would be preferable to use the built-in ethernet! Please let me know if you are able to implement a drive for the Intel NUC 10th gen NIC (Intel I219-V Gigabit LAN). Thanks in advance.
  5. about that: here they are. Thanks for having a look.
  6. My unraid server (6.8.3) has been running for many years, and while it is old, it has served me well through memory upgrades, the addition of a cache pool, a new CPU, and 10GbE. Recently however it has been "locking up" unpredictably. The system is on and the console works (via hardwired keyboard and VGA monitor to Supermicro mobo), but network connectivity is gone (cannot access shares or webmanager via server name or IP address). In addition the console is basically non responsive: commands like reboot or shutdown don't work. I can hard reset and reboot and the system boots up fine and runs for 1 day or 1 week before a repeat "lock up". Reviewing the log files (attached) I notice some CPU thread errors but I am far from a Linux expert so don't know what to make of them. Do I have a new hardware problem (like a failing CPU), or is it something else? I have attached my log file (I have it set to save all logs to the flash drive so that the errors are preserved post crash), my system profile, and my diagnostics, and appreciate any suggestions or help you can provide. syslog System Profiler.txt
  7. Any luck with a solution? I seem to have the same problem, but with an Aquantia 10GbE PCIex4 single SFP+ card in my unraid server, connected to a MikroTik 10GbE switch (CRS305) and then to my main Win10 PC with an identical Aquantia 10GbE card on the same switch, all with SFP+ DAC connections (1m). iperf3 with one stream gets about 2.7 to 3.2Gbits/s, but can get total throughput of 8.2Gbs with 4 streams (-P4) and 8.94Gbs with 5 streams (-P5). I can teracopy from a Win10 NVMe SSD to my unraid SSD cache drive (in btrfs, two SSD cache pool) at 280-300MBs. I've disconnected my two gigabit unraid ethernet connections to ensure that all is routed through the 10GbE NIC. Appreciate any thoughts!
  8. Thank you! Your suggested change to the gpedit policy fixed the inability of one of my Win10 PCs to access unraid shares after an OS reinstall (Win 10 Home 1909).
  9. I understand completely, and have no plans to touch the array disks (or flash drive) from "inside" Win10. However for system maintenance, bios updates, etc. it is far easier to perform from a bare metal Win10 environment -- at least for me! 99% of the time Unraid will be running on the system, but on those rare occasions that I need Win10 baremetal, a menu option would avoid the delete key/Bios dance.
  10. Did you even find a solution for this? I also would like an Unraid bootmenu option to boot baremetal Win10 from an SSD mounted outside the array. This avoids the delete key dance and boot drive reassignment via BIOS. Basically a menu option that allows booting from sda for Unraid via the Flash drive or Win10 via sdj.