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  1. I would love more information on this as well! Possible to do a mini tutorial on this? ❤️
  2. anyone has a solution to this? Is if possible to change power state for amd gpu like for nvidia gpu?
  3. i've changed my cache sata sable and port on the motherboard. disabled all the plugins. what is the issue here?
  4. another new set of issue, changed out the cable for my cache, running checks now and continue to monitor.
  5. i've isolated the events that could be causing the problem last time i check was around last night around 10. and by this morning 11 it stopped responding, therefore i rebooted. within this time span, i see crond and trim taking place. will disable and monitor again.
  6. My last access is usually 3-6am And by morning around 11-1noon i wouldve lost access.
  7. does any of these helps?
  8. My unraid server have been in operation for the last 3 month of so, but in recent days, it tend to become inactive suddenly. no access to shares, cannot ping the server, or any docker service/container on it. attached is the diagnostics file.
  9. Support for CubeCoders - AMP Container template Application Name: CubeCoders - AMP Application Site: Docker Hub: Github: Post any questions or issues relating to this docker in this thread.
  10. Woah. You are right. I really got attacked by a stray cosmic ray. Rebooted and its gone.
  11. Your server has detected hardware errors. You should install mcelog via the NerdPack plugin, post your diagnostics and ask for assistance on the unRaid forums. The output of mcelog (if installed) has been logged i've installed mcelog, attached is my diagnostics log, i have went thru them, but i cant see whats the issue
  12. Currently im running my case fan via a molex powered fan splitter. So i actually physically control it to run at a optimal speed.
  13. I've been using unraid for the last 3 months, and everything gucci except the lack of support for fan controls. Dynamix auto fan is not working out for me, and from searching the forum, alot of others as well. Currently im controlling my fan from my bios, 1.5*pwm/degree so it will remp up based on my cpu temps. Works well. But my hdd temps are more of an issue here. Based on my research; 1. there is no plugins nor apps that can do fan control except dynamix auto fan control 2. We cannot pass fan header into docker/kvm to control is internally 3. We can pass a fan controller via usb header, but only via kvm, which has quite abit overhead. (In theory) im looking at finding a 2nd hand usb header fan controller to test it out. Anyone have any working solution that you can kindly share?
  14. suddenly stop working after adding a new proxy host at port 8000. Log mentioned its DB problem, disk is full. but how do i go about resolving that issue? (SOLVED) EDIT : turns out my appdata that was running on cache was running now on space, and my settings didnt allow for splitting of directory, so it cannot move the files to another cache disk. simply move the appdata to array, or allow for mover to split directory to cache.