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  1. Thanks for this plugin. I just discovered it and you made setting up an openvpn server as easy as pivpn. I do have wireguard installed and setup but I need to run my vpn server on TCP. My ISP is doing something on UDP that causes my vpn connection to run extremely slow. I found running my vpn server on tcp got me 5 times the speed. So until either I figure out the problem with my isp or wireguard allows tcp, I'll use this plugin. This plugin also frees up my rpi for other things and keeps servers consolidated to unraid. Thanks again.
  2. Daughter is home today so I had her reboot my server. Aside from the forced parity check, everything came back up normal, including docker, all it's containers and the cache doesn't show any errors. Is there anything I should look at or maybe rebuild the cache anyway? Parity check will take about 14 hours. Should I just let things run their course and see if I get a file system corruption again?
  3. BTW, figured I would ask. How do I figure out what may have caused the file corruption on the cache drive? I would like to avoid it from happening again if possible.
  4. Well, the backup finished so I attempted to stop the array but it got stuck in a loop trying to unmount the disk shares. Gave it about 20 minutes then opened a terminal and ran "fuser -km /mnt/user" but that didn't help. I remembered I was sshed in to the cache so I ran "fuser -km /mnt/cache" but that didn't help. When to run it for disk1 but accidently hit enter after "fuser -km /mnt/" and my terminal connection dropped and the webgui is unavailable. Guess I'll have to wait till I get home tonight and do a hard reboot.
  5. Ok, thanks. I couldn't run krusader so I'm manually copying the cache drive to a local computer now. I also have an auto backup from yesterday as well. I'll wait for the backup to finish, hopefully before anything happens, and then follow the instructions you provided.
  6. Is it safe to backup what is currently there since the filesystem is corrupt?
  7. This morning I have 2 errors from Fix Common Problems and I'm not sure what I need to do. Thought I would ask before I jump and assume. Error 1: Unable to write to cache - Drive mounted read-only or completely full. Begin Investigation Here: Unraid Main Error 2: Unable to write to Docker ImageDocker - Image either full or corrupted. Investigate Here: Docker Settings Here is the disk log from the cache. Mar 16 00:00:40 UnNAS kernel: BTRFS error (device sdd1): unable to find ref byte nr 128548089856 parent 0 root 5 owner 265457 offset 85291008 Mar 16 00:00:40 UnNAS kernel: BTRFS: error (device sdd1) in __btrfs_free_extent:6802: errno=-2 No such entry Mar 16 00:00:40 UnNAS kernel: BTRFS info (device sdd1): forced readonly Mar 16 00:00:40 UnNAS kernel: BTRFS: error (device sdd1) in btrfs_run_delayed_refs:2935: errno=-2 No such entry Mar 16 00:00:40 UnNAS kernel: BTRFS error (device sdd1): pending csums is 66195456 I assume this is the cause of the unwriteable docker but I'm unsure of how to fix it. I'm still only a month green at this. I've attached my log file as well. Thanks.
  8. I got it. Was looking on github issues and noticed that my config.json still had the old token. I'm in now.
  9. I setup bitwarden yesterday and it's working fine. Today I'm trying to get back in to the admin to change the url since I just setup a reverse proxy but I keep getting invalid admin token. So I changed the token and clicked apply but I'm still getting invalid admin token. I did notice the container auto updated last night also. Not sure how to proceed.
  10. Ok, solved. I found my answer over in the unassigned devices support forum. I can't have pass through turned on with auto mount. I misunderstood the switches use.
  11. Ah, I think I understand now. I'm 2 weeks old in Unraid time. Thanks. So if I'm understanding correctly, using pass through is only if I want to access the unmounted drive from within a container, not if I want to run the container from that drive.
  12. I just found this while trying to figure out why my UD drives I'm using for 2 different dockers didn't auto mount after restarting the array. I'm confused. Before I setup my emby and plex dockers, I first formatted and mounted the 2 UD drives. Then I setup the dockers and pointed the /config to the /mnt/usr/disks/mount-name. Did I do this wrong? I ask because my emby and plex dockers wouldn't start unless I manually mounted these drives. I do have pass-through ticked on as well as auto-mount. Do I just leave pass through off?