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  1. Updated from 6.9.0-beta1, i just had to delete vfio-pci plugin and remap my cache drive. The update was really smooth and now my VMs feels waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay faster than before, it's just a placebo effect or there is a real reason? Anyway thank you devs, great work!
  2. HI everyone, my unraid server sits inside a thermaltake core X71 and has a custom water cooling loop: EK XE360 EK PE360 EK D5 with res EK D5 with top (for redundancy) soft clear tubing Aquacomputer aquaero 6 and flow meter Components: Asrock X570 taichi 3900x with EK waterblock 1080 with EK waterblock 850 w PSU 4x 4tb hdds 2 nvme 1 ssd I'm moving to a new home and i reserved a space for a 12U rack in a closet for my UDM Pro, Switch and some shelves for 2 UPSs, so i'm considering to move to a rackmount case. Since i want to keep the server watercooled (i keep saying myself it's for silence and performance but the real reason is that i spent way too much on cooling equipment ), i considered a 3 or 4 U case for pc and disks (i plan on using 6 to 8 HDD max) and an external water box for rads and pumps but seems like a big PITA for maintenance. I'm also considering moving everything to a test bench, something like the Dimastech V3.0 Easy. it'll sit on top of the rack and for sure the loop/general maintenance will be very very easy, adding an optional HDD bracket it can fit 8 3.5 hdd so i have sufficient expandability if i need it. it can also fit any MB and GPU size But the drawbacks are of course dust and that the components are exposed...
  3. Hi everyone, i recently switched from my old ISP provided router to a pfSense router following SpaceInvaderOne's guide. This is my configuration: LAN: Unraid, VMs, Dockers and phones IOT Vlan: iot stuff and smart tv GUEST vlan: guests So i now need to open a firewall route to pass traffic from an IOT ip (my smart tv) to a LAN ip (my plex docker), i still need to figure out the port range but i'll fine-tune later. After adding the rule to pfSense it was not working, i couldn't even ping unraid, so i tried to open an unraid VM ip and i can ping it. So i guess there is a setting blocking unraid from being seen in another vlan, am i correct? Thank you for your help
  4. To follow up on this, i managed to get i440fx working, it was just a matter of wrong boot priority. Now i have a working vm, and so far it seems pretty stable, also tried some gaming (doom eternal) on it and it's performing flawlessly. Then i installed Forza Horizon 4 from microsoft store and it's crashing on start. I also tried cpu-z and it's crashing on Processors, HwInfo64 is working but i can't see any info on the cpu.
  5. Hi everyone this is my first post here! I built my new server, here are the specs: cpu: 3900x mb: X570 taichi gpu: MSI 1080 Sea Hawk EK I configured my windows machine in a NVME so i can boot from bare metal whenever i need to, followed spaceinvader's guide about it. Before switching to unraid i extracted my GPU bios and edited the part as the GPU passthrough guide says. Then in my unraid made the setup for my Win VM assigning 8c/16t that i previously pinned in settings and 16G of ram. So for settings I went with: Bios: OVMF (with seabios I can't boot from NVME) Machine: Q35 4.2 (as I was reading that it was newer and faster than i440fx) USB: 3.0 So GPU passthrough seemed to work great, but the machine randomly freeze and from unraid all the assigned 16c were at 100% load. Switching to VNC gives the same result, after a while the system play a sound of usb removal and freeze. I managed to replicate the error, going to "Device manager" and scanning for new hardware the machine freezes all the times. With VNC i could see the BSOD error code, 0x00000113-VIDEO_DXGKRNL_FATAL_ERROR, i also tried previous versions of Q35 but it makes no difference. So i switched to i440fx, with VNC it's working fine, no problems when scanning new devices, but i can't passthrough my GPU, it just gives a black screen, i also tried older versions of i440fx with the same result. I tried to tail on syslog and to monitor vm logs but there are no errors so i'm a little lost here. Is there any way to see a more detailed log? Thank you for your help! PS, sorry for my bad english!