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  1. I finally found my issue. It was power save cpu setting. After changed to on demand everything started working again as expected.
  2. hi, did you find any working solution? I'm struggling with same issue...
  3. Did you find any solution for it? I have same issue as you
  4. Hi, I just started to playing with this container and have some question. First is about template. I see this I think is an error right? Moreover do I need to add intel gpu mapping if I use coral usb? I can't start container if /dev/dri... is added.
  5. I had this issue this morning with 6.9.2 and /etc/rc.d/rc.php-fpm restart make the trick. During the issue I tried to download a diagnostics but cli command does not worked as expected. I tried to download it after gui came back but no luck. System was still unresponsible in some way. I tried to reboot first via gui then use powerdown but no changes. So I tried shutdown and poweroff and finally it shut down. Of course a parity check started. I hope it is useful.
  6. I do. And during this I'm inable to download diagnostics via cli.
  7. good to know. I wish I was aware of it some week ago!
  8. I wan't looking for highest performance. But as you know, because we spoke a lot in past days, power save in 6.9.2 produce issue that were not in 6.8.3. So if not in the plugin something else has changed because behavior changed. I will follow you advise as always. I just wanted to post what was my issue and the way I fixed it.
  9. Hi, I don't know id this plugin is still maintaned but I would let you know that "Power Save" inCPU Scaling Governor causes 2 main issues: VMs and docker are generally much slowers (I checked boot time in my only VM and it is 10 time slower). Some container (in my experience Unraid-Api and ZoneMinder) are unusable because when on they cause 100% peak in every CPU.
  10. Just to let you know that I found out my issue. I share for others in my situation. Basically all was generated by a plugin. This post saved my day.
  11. just to let you know that this issue is still present in 6.9.2 and this solution is still valid. My system is now 10times faster than in "power safe". Thank you very much!
  12. I rebooted but it's still there. If you remember me I'm the say guy who noticed that there's a warning message in HA. I think there are spare pieces in my config and I would like to delete them and start all over. Can you suggest me how to remove all traces in HA and Unraid?
  13. Hi, It is possible to use a secret.yaml that is not in container folder (but is in HA folder?)
  14. Hi, it is "normal" that even if I removed this docker (because it cause cpu peak) I still can see a process unraid-api consuming 10% of my cpu?