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  1. OK now dockers are back on line. Thank you. VM instead in on but gui in unreacheable. I had to manually reselect image to make it start again
  2. Here it is, sorry.
  3. To the empty appdata folder. But maybe it's better to stop this backup, erase those files restored via CA application and simply readd cache. Right?
  4. Yes I noticed now that cache drive as not mounted. What to do know? Let appdata restore finish or delete appadata restored and mount cache drive?
  5. Hi all, This morning I update to 6.9. At first it seems that all was good but my hassio VM was not responding an CPU was constantly at 100%!. So I decided to go back to working 6.8.3 but this erased all my dockers and my VMs. (!) I have a backup of appdata but I'm wondering what is the best way to restore dockers. And also how can I restore VM from image? TY in advance!
  6. hi @ElectricBrainUK can you please add to your docker also information coming from UPS? It would be great to see status, battery percentage and runtime left . I don't know if it is better APC UPS or NUT for this. Thank you
  7. @jonathanm @Squid @iarp any feedback on how to do this now? My StartVMs works but it's not trigged by Delay VM Start #!/bin/bash echo "/boot/config/plugins/user.scripts/scripts/StartVMs/script" | at now Thank you
  8. OK changed MQTTCacheTime to 60 and MQTTRefreshRate to 5. Will let you know the results.
  9. Yes my system is in italian (ui) but status are always in english (on - off, true - false) and are visibile in the other language only in the frontend. I don't think it is related. Moreover I want you to notice that it's just a delay. After some time the status is updated.
  10. Hi all, I use this docker container from a while now and I noticed a issue that maybe it's not related to the container because it seems no other has is. This are my settings: What I noticed is that it tooks more time than declared : HA tooks some time to see the status of the containers, vm etc. Look at this picture: status is "started" but the switch created by HA is in "off" status. Any hint?
  11. HI all, I've setup this docker and wanted to use it as my default solution. I shared nextcloud folder to simply import photos but the in digikam the option to add images from a folder is greyed out. Can some one please help me to understand how to change it? TY in advance
  12. What? Can you please point us to the new simplest solution? TY! In the meatime I share my customized solution. I had to use NC installing netcat-openbsd-1.105 from Nerd Pack in order to be able to test a web server on a specific port. My script is this now: #!/bin/bash printf "%s" "waiting for ZoneMinder ..." # Change IP to match an address controlled by ZoneMinder. # I recommend ZoneMinder internal gateway or some address guaranteed to be up when ZoneMinder is finished loading. # I don't use external IP's because I want my inte
  13. sorry to jump in the conversation but how you create videos ? My alarm only generate multiple jpg. I need to manual export via webui to create a video file. Thank you in advance!
  14. So also external mysql support are gone too?