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  1. Im experiencing a similar problem with sonarr and radarr. We’re you able to find a solution.
  2. I'm having the issue as well. I'm not sure it's related to resizing. The issue for me is most severe when viewing the docker page while on a mobile device.
  3. Anyone aware of any custom mods for java and gradle?
  4. If I upgrade my motherboard and CPU, will my GPU id remain the same?
  5. Just wondering if anyone has any suggestions. I'm having some issues using the shawly build. I'm able to run it and connect to it, but no directories or files seem to be visible from multiman. When I browse to the net0 host the directory is empty. However when I try and create a directory it does get created on the server, but is still not visible from multiman.
  6. That was it, thanks. Is it a bug that those connections aren't blocked for openvpn?
  7. I'm trying to switch over to wireguard, but it seems like I can't connect to the webui while I'm connected to my LAN through a VPN (wireguard to unraid, or l2tp to my gateway). Verified that the UI can be hit from LAN and from unraid server. Is this a limitation of wireguard?
  8. There should be a 'Check for Updates' button on the docker tab. It will check and flag any containers that have updates. After that you can just click 'apply update'. Does anyone know how often the docker images are updated. Feature in the latest beta sounds pretty interesting ('Intro Detection') and I'd like to give it a test.
  9. Ok, it seems to be working as expected now. I have another issue that's tangentially related. I'm also trying to setup a container (nginx) that has both br0 and bridge networks. It looks like there used to be a workaround that allowed this, that has since been "fixed". I'd like to be able to create custom dns entries in pi-hole that point to nginx that proxy to other containers on the bridge network. Here's an old thread with someone who was looking for a similar solution.
  10. The container I'm running with the br0 network is a dns server (pi hole). Will disabling 'host access' prevent the host from seeing the container on the lan, or just direct?
  11. I'm having a weird (to me at least) issue where I'm getting two devices registered with the same IP on my router (Unifi USG 3) after creating a container using the br0 network to assign it an IP on my LAN. After creating the container I have two devices with my server IP and 1 device with the docker IP. 1 of the duplicate IP devices corresponds with the br0 device on the server and the other with a shim-br0 device. Is there anyway I can resolve this? My ESET security software is getting duplicate IPs and ARP cache poisoning attacks warnings as a result.
  12. Hmmm, this didn't actually seem to work. My client has read only set to false. I'm not really sure what else to do.
  13. I'm wondering if anyone has a good solution to prevent Sonarr from copying between mounted volumes instead of just moving the files? I'd like to prevent the additional writes on my drives if at all possible.