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  1. Due to recent disagreements and internal struggle we all took a 2week time off from lsio, to reflect upon ourselves. Upon the return from this period, it was decided that linuxserver.io would greatly benefit from distancing themselves from me. As a result effecting imidatly I have been removed from any former roles I had within the organization. And currently trancationing control of things to other members. I hope you can all be pacient with the group while the try and land on there feet. As for me, I will recreate and maintain a select core group of containers that I am proud of. And further
  2. It should work on all images Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. As a general rule we don't do beta's in our containers. Sorry Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. Same error here since today's nzbget docker container update. EDIT: It appears unrar and 7za are in the /app directory. An alternate temporary solution is to change Settings -> unpack -> UnrarCmd to /app/unrar and SevenZipCmd to /app/7za I shall investigate.
  5. So does that mean that there is no way to set the transcode directory to memory (i.e. /tmp)? I have been debating switching from ESXi to bare metal, and that is something I'd love to keep since it reduces wear on my SSDs... It's forced by plex not by us. We just adapted our config
  6. Plex will now force you to transcode to /config and thus the problem we where trying to avoid is fixed thus we do not need this mapping anymore Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. You observed corret. I will look into your use case
  8. https://www.linuxserver.io/index.php/2016/04/07/changes-to-our-plex-docker-container/ Clarification on changes
  9. Hey guys, due to a agreement with plexDevs we decided to turn off the ability to install plexpass versions in our container. (more comming on linuxserver.io). You can either use -e VERSION=0.9.<restofversionnumber> or wait untill our container updates. (once this PR gets merged: https://github.com/linuxserver/docker-plex/pull/32) The container update should enable "plexpass updates" again. and will be acompanied with a article on our website. Thanks for the understanding. And for useing linuxserver.io's containers. we love makeing them for you all.
  10. Restart the container, that is the only way that is recommended. Nevermind.. that wasn't the issue.. the little tiny "Advanced View" slider that I had not seen. Just flipped it and found the variables and now all is well. Thanks anyway! You dont need to set the version at all, the container will update plex itself to latest version when you start the container up, thus restart=update
  11. Please update the container please reboot the container
  12. How do I go about updating manually? Restart the docker container, it will update automaticly
  13. We (Linuxserver.io) Are rolling our own baseimages, granted based upon phusion for now (being looked into). While using a microcontainer does makes sense for a enterprise where one run 10-50 of the same container on the same host (thus sharing the image) as aptalca said, the same is not true for us. Lets look at 2 linuxserver.io containers. Wheres a average user as we see them run 15 different containers and 1 copy of each, thus putting more general dependency in the baseimage is a good solution. Also using phusion\ubuntu is a shortcut to doing things as it feels so simple to install stu
  14. Try setting the version again, it looked like it was missing. (screenshot the setting)
  15. The ui will eventually tell you, but the way I know it is via subscribing to the release thread forums
  16. Good job there aptalca you should hang out us on irc sometime
  17. The Linuxserver.io Containers now have the option of running a custom script on startup, that could be used to ensure you get ffmpeg installed. (Method will not be published here, as we do not support it, in a formal sense) join us on irc or something, and we can tell you.
  18. Mike install Community Applications plugin and all will become much much clearer.... Like he said. CHBMB is just too quick for me! Darling... Is that you? ^^ slut That means Stop in Norwegian (At least almost) Well its acctually closer to the swedish Stop than the Norwegian.