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  1. Hello. I need some help configuring nextcloud. I've installed nextcloud using a couple of tutorials from SpaceInvader One. Using his youtube tutorial i've conffigure swag and cloudflare. On my domane made som CNAME subdomains. I've installed nextcloud, configured it, everthing working ok, but when I done the modification on the config.php in nextloud and the swag proxy lost the ability to access nextcloud, When I type the loging page to my unraid gui it appears. How can I fix it?
  2. to have the server in a docker? tell me more!
  3. Morning community. Do to the pandemic , I thought on reducing cost whit my office website hosting. Thinking on moving the hosting the part on an virtual machine on Unraid. I thought making a small Ubuntu, using a free manager like aaPanel, host it my self and using CloudFlare for DNS management. How do you think i should proceed?
  4. Can be added a 2 stage factor security for the root account? Like a Microsoft authentication or google or other things. Event using the same thing for user login
  5. is a video to make from a tutorial for people whit the same problem!!!! but.. is a nice community, didn't expected to a quick response.... Thank you
  6. fix it... thank you very much.... goi it now... had to put the old parity drive to the data drive and the new drive to parity...
  7. Constructor I have a question for you.. I've stopped the sync and the array... is a little unclear the parity swap proces to me... how do I replace the smaller drive whit a larger one? I can't find the copy option for parity...
  8. No . my intention is to have one parity and one new drive.... My parity was 4 Tb and the hdd I bought was 6 TB... sow I bought a new 6 Tb ... to have a 6 Tb parity Hdd and a 6 TB HDD for the array. because unraid told me I can have an array hdd biger then the parity
  9. Hello community I have a small problem. One of my drives 4 Tb one just kicked of.... And I bought 2 HDD each of 6 TB..... Added one as a parity HDD and one I want to replace the dead one... but when I try to replace it says that my HDD is bigger then the parity one. Can anyone help me? one HDD is Toshiba 6 TB and one is an WD 6 TB Parity 0 is a 4 TB HDD Parity 2 is a 6 TB HDD from Toshiba