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  1. Hello, Here's an update of my hosting setup. As a starter I've used the new 6.9 pools' features to dedicate an ssd for my dockers as my websites will be hosted within swag in the www folder. I'm still using duckdns in conjunction with cloudflare. I don't use the cloudflare docker because the cloudflare API doesn't manage some of my fancy tld in .tk. So everything is managed trough swag / mariadb (with adminer) and duckdns. In Cloudflare all my domains got 2 CNAME (the domain and www) pointing to my duckdns. In swag I've used the extra domain l
  2. Thank you so much for this very detailed answer.🤩 You pined out the thing I didn't understand as I naturally was willing to point the root domain to a A name. I think I understood how I'm gonna deal with my redirection problems. I hope I'm not gonna break everything especially my Nextcloud setup even though I know I will be able to revert it back. It's gonna be a tweecking sunday for me. Thanks again for all your amazing videos I've learn so much since I start playing with Unraid. You deserve a good sunday 🍺, hopping you'll find an open pub !
  3. A webserver in a docker could be a little too fancy I gess. I was thinking of more simple solutions: For hosting one website there is some wordpress docker that can do the trick easily For more advance settings and flexibility some people use a mariadb docker with swag or nginx proxy manager. Then they install wordpress directly within nginx. I was looking at this tutorial https://technicalramblings.com/blog/how-to-set-up-a-wordpress-site-with-letsencrypt-and-mariadb-on-unraid/ at a starting point. If you have a static IP it's easy to configure with the swag. and ma
  4. Merci pour ce Tuto. Je n'ai pas encore testé car je cherche à installer Wordpress via ce tuto https://technicalramblings.com/blog/how-to-set-up-a-wordpress-site-with-letsencrypt-and-mariadb-on-unraid/. Quels sont les avantages de ce docker par rapport à l'autre méthode ? Peut-on installer plusieurs sites Internet avec ce Docker ? J'imagine qu'on peut facilement accéder à Worpress depuis l'extérieur avec swag et un sous-domaine, mais comment faire avec un domaine principal si on utilise duckdns? Merci pour ce travail
  5. Hi all, It's an intersting project and you made me discover aaPanel thanks ! Running a VM could be usefull but I wouldn't it be nice and handier to have it within a Docker as well ?
  6. Hello, I'm not a nginx guru and I hope you found a solution since november. I'm trying to host some websites within Unraid. At the moment my websites are hosted on dedicated servers. For your problem I think you should look at the location settings eventhough yours looks fine To illustrate. I have a setup where one of my site is located in /var/www/boombast/ Heres my location settings: location ^~ / { root /var/www/boombast; try_files $uri $uri/ /index.php?q=$uri&$args; include /etc/nginx/conf.d/php.conf; include /etc
  7. Thank you for this series, I'm learning a lot with you. Like a lot of people around here I have my main dockers setup with a web proxy like swag and duckdns. I'm looking forward to host a few websites on my Unraid server (with worpress). As far as I understand if I have a dynamic IP and if I want to proxy my main domain, Cloudflare is the best option. So I'm very happy with all your explanations it's very didactic. For now my configuration doesn't allow me to setup my main domain with a A Name as I'm using duckdns. I wanna stick with swag cause I've read that its is
  8. So with a reverse proxy I can access externaly trough 9443. My reverse proxy was configured with swag. Internaly, trough 9080 I got the time out error, but I got acess trough 9443. All my torrents and my config match the previous container.
  9. I confirm it works with me. Thank you
  10. Thanks for your work. For now I'm sticking with my conf as it's working. It's strange that it works with a reverse proxy and not internaly....maybe something with the nginx conf ?
  11. Hello, I'm struggling as well since the update as I can't access rutorrent from my local network (timed out) when the vpn (pia) is active. No problem when the vpn is turn off. I've tried the couple tricks discussed above : remove torrent.rc, reconfigured my openvpn.... I've dowgrade to previous tag and ru torrent went back to life. Now I'm tring to configure the lastest release with mitigate success..... I've checked the logs but I can't spot any errors. By the way rtorrent is running as I can see my torrents seeding... My new torrent.rc match exactly