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  1. Wow, My issued is solved. thanks very much
  2. Jorgen, Do you known how to keep multiple audio tracks after encored ? I'm stuck with this issue, hope some one will help.
  3. Sorry for misunderstanding, I though storage directory is place to keep original files when every file after encored , If we can move encored file to this folder , this is safe to keep original files by moving, not deleting. ("HandBrake does not store Audio and Subtitle tracks in presets. Instead, we store behaviour rules for automatically selecting audio and subtitle tracks each time you scan a new source or select a title.") So When I export preset to file (json). it only gives 1 audio track. It never work
  4. I don't think mapping folder have issue, because It can create output file in output folder, and can delete file in watch folder. FYI, /out; /watch , and /storage is created on SSD mount outside array. /out map to /out , /watch map to /watch; /storage map to /storage, and all 3 folder can R/W set
  5. Djoss, Thanks for you hard working on HandBrake docker. 1. I set option to move file in watch folder to storage folder after encored is done , but instead moving, it is delete file in watch folder, and not thing in storage folder. 2. HandBrake preset "json" file is not save audio track (by default only one, can not put 2 audio tracks in preset), But my videos are 2 audio tracks. How can I I solve this problem. (to solve this issue, I have go to container modify convert script by adding option "-a 1,2 --aencoder copy:ac3,copy:ac3 --audio-fallback faac", it will override audio in prese
  6. Djoss, I try to attach HandBrake docker in shell docker exec -i -t HandBrake /bin/bash , it gives me error "rpc error: code = 2 desc = containerd: container not started" what's is mean. what do I do wrong ?
  7. Sorry for my off topic, if I use video codec H.265 (x265) it uses 65-75% CPU, and if I use video codec H.264(x264), it uses 100% CPU. How to reduce CPU used, when I want to encode video with H.264(x264) codec. Thanks
  8. Thanks, it works for me too. Now, my HandBrake 1.0.4 and I can run CLI ... Love this forum
  9. Trurl, Do you think my Parity:ST5000DM000-1FK178_W4J03JKG is bad ? Can I pre_clear it ? or I have to replace new one. thanks you for time.
  10. Sorry for delay .... Here is the file
  11. My server is full, and recently, I swapped disk # 2 from 2tb to 5tb and let's it rebuild data, it works ok, then I move old 2tb disk into windows 7 to clean it with diskpart DOS program. Because this disk is still good, so I put it back to unRAID at location disk # 16. Then I clear statistics for this disk in unRAID. It seem work normal for me. Since, I use unBALANCE plugins to move file around disk to disk. Now, my parity disk have red check mark on it (in log file report disable), I don't known what is wrong . Can one check my log file and help me out . Thanks, syslog
  12. Problem is solved !!! 1st . Bad controller 2rd. Replace LSI SAS3081E-R controller work, but max can recognize 2.2 tb. 3rd. Swap to different location (Supermicro controller) , unRAID sees 5tb. Thanks for your advice
  13. Last night , I put this disk to my unRAID server with other controller, I see it report about 600g ( this disk is clean with windows 7 diskpart command line) , I assume it is bad and not run precleared, in the time wait for orther controller to come (in order), I send back Neweggs to replace new disk. I'll report if I solve problem.