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  1. I actually just found out if you install the pip package from the NerdPack and run pip3 install bpytop --upgrade it will install just fine!
  2. So what have done so far is we transfer the first two files totaling 135 GB. After every successful transfer it would time out but files were okay. When transferring the third it would always stop at like 13,806,064kb. We tried the third multiple times all with the exact same amount left. I even transferred the first two to another share, deleted them from the folder and resend the 3rd file over ftp and would stop at the exact same place 13,806,064kb. We even tried multiple different large files all stopping at the same amount. There is plenty of space on cache for the files, over 300gb. When i say "a file" each file is like a folder and in the folder there is a 1kb readme and 1 massive video. Edit: Ill have to try the VM later and as for logs i was unable to generate any, what would i need to add to the config?
  3. IM trying to use this plugin to transfer a large amount of data and it seems we've hit a wall at 150GB of data. I've tried creating a new user and creating a new folder with the new user by including it in the user description. We have moved two files over ~60-70gb each and the third files keeps stopping on the exact same amount of data every time. Any fix for this that I'm just not seeing?
  4. Here is a game suggestion: Neos VR I know nothing about making dockers but here is their wiki on installing their server version through steamCMD:
  5. Quite often. I'm a college student moving between apartments at the start of a new year and haven't been able to settle yet.
  6. I am currently working on dockers trying to access each other, like Grafana needing to access Influx and more situations like that. Currently they use a Bridge Network Type and get a port mapping IP of 172.17.0.x. The problem is i want to keep the IP separate from the main network that unraid uses (a network) while letting the dockers have a static IP in the 172.17.0.x network. If possible can i create a new virtual network in unraid that my dockers can have custom static IPs and the ports still be mapped app to host and if so how? The main reason for doing this is i have been letting the dockers reference other dockers by the 10.0.0.x IP of the server. The main flaw with this is if i move the server or it gets a new IP all of those references are broken. I though i fixed this by referencing their docker IP when there are updates to the dockers the IPs they get after restarting may not always be the same.