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  1. Connection error. Check if farmer is running at 8559 i am getting this error and dont farme, i need to open this door on the router? he makes the sync and de plot fine.
  2. about farming, after he sync and ploting he starts to farming?
  3. i created a new wallet when i config again the docker, so now it shows the wallet, and like you said it is not sync, i have to wait
  4. it is asking for a file, what is the path for the file?
  5. what is the difference from plots and plotting?? i use the ssd share for plots and use the hhd for plotting. am i doing right? other question, this docker dont have gui, where can i see my earnings?
  6. hi i am trying to mine rvn but for same reson after setting t-rex docker it always say i have a syntx error: WARN: failed to subscribe, JSON-RPC call failed: can't parse json: * Line 1, Column 1 Syntax error: value, object or array expected. 20210210 00:40:03 ERROR: No connection, retry after 10 seconds where is my problem? i dont change nothing on the config.json
  7. what i reed was that yolo works on cpu and gpu but gpu is more eficient.
  8. like this the exemple is on the description of the docker i have two cam one is hikvision and the outher is escam g02 something like that, with hikvision i get 4k and send to yolo 1920x1080 without problem and the docker uses 6% cpu, but with this chineses camera i cant get to work properly uses to much cpu like 20% dont acept h264 but on the site it is h264, and have a great delay, and the reason the cpu is high is this camera need decoding and transcoding with cpu, i cant put the gpu to decode or transcode the feed of this camera. i advise you do not buy cheap c
  9. i have sucessfully mount one cam with ptz with onvif, the controls works and the cam folow person's, the problems: my docker shinobi is using 40% cpu power i dont know why. i only have two cam's using yolo with gpu. the feed of the cam have delay and the signal to move have a delay too, so the cam is always losing people, i think this problem is the cam and not shinobi. there was been some updates to the docker shinobi gpu? because i install the gpu version and i dont see updates for very long time.
  10. I have a corsair ax1500i i cant conect, some one have luck with this power suplly?
  11. Yes the two gpus have different iommu groups
  12. hi have some problems with my unraid i have two GPU nvidia, and what is happening is very strange, i want the first gpu to transcode with Unraid Nvidia to use on plex Docker, and the other gpu to a gaming VM, but the problem is, when i start the plex, the plex dont use the card i sign but the second card, i config everything correcly, before i put the second card i had this working, but now is doing this. and when i try to start the vm with plex turn off the server crash. how can i force the Unraid Nvidia to use only one card and forget the other?
  13. i have the same problem, i folow this tutorial to install yolo, i get the yolo connect but on the logs keep seing that "detectObject handler not set" i dont know what this mien
  14. why you want to upgrade your setup if you are better with the dual xeon? it is the speed of the xeon?