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  1. Thanks! Would give it a try on Wednesday as I would have some free time
  2. I tried to search this throught the topic so sorry if I'm asking for something resolved. It's there any way use PhoenixStats with two different or more miners? On the original project this is configured with the conf.php file, but on this docker I tried to add to S_PORT variable, more ports with no luck. I tried to add "5450, 5451", "5450 5451", "5450; 5451" but no luck. Also tried to install nano on the container and add the servers on the conf.php, but seems not to work also. Thanks
  3. At this time, just using the cpu with your docker is pretty sweet for me, so don't worry. I don't have a beefy server, just an i7 3770 with 16gb ram and a 1050ti at the moment so... for just playing it's far ok. I'm testing right know the Trex-miner with the 1050ti to use the unmineable etchash pool and seems to work perfect. About 12.68 MH/s. At the same time I have your docker running on the RandomX pool. And as gpu use with xmrig miner don't seems to be great, may be it's a waste of time trying to implement the symbolic links solution. But if you achieve it, I will love to
  4. Thanks for the info , Definitely move the big installation part to other volumes would be a big improve to this docker. But don't do it just for me as I am just playing with mining to learn about it. So don't put it as high priority or something 🤣. I was using at that moment v465.24.02 on a 1050 ti. I would get back a 1060 6gb that I lend to a familiar and try to use it also. I also have a rx 580 to test but is on my personal rig as I use it over hackintosh. Anyway thanks for your work!
  5. Nice touch with the two branchs on last plugin update Thanks!
  6. Hi, first thanks to bring xmrig over docker to Unraid. It's there any posibility to put the data folder for xmrig on appdata or other side outside the docker virtual image? Because yesterday I tried to use the latest-root tag to use my shared GPU with the container and after a really long download process it started to report that I was filling up the virtual image. And does the latest-root tag install ubuntu on the container or something similar? It took like 10gb to install, and after that I had something not right on the configuration so it showed CUDA disa
  7. I like to request NordVPN client docker from bubuntux Its designed to provide connection to other containers via --net=container:vpn And the advantage front normal openvpn clients its that uses the NordLynx connection so you get better performance with this when using this vpn. Tried to create a docker template my self and but it dockerman/templates-user, but can't get it to work. Thanks for your time.
  8. At least I am, I'm going to upgrade now to RC2. If there is any test I can do with my card to try to help @liebesgott, let me now. EDIT: After update to RC2, still working perfect for me.
  9. For me with the LibreELEC package it shows like this on the plugin: But have to say that I'm using the Dvbsky S952 V3 Maybe the no V3 versions can't work prorperly with the same configuration. On the LinuxTV wiki website it seems that V3 versions uses different components. Also check that the card show on Tools / System Devices section, mine shows as "Multimedia video controller: Spin Master Ltd. PCIe Video Bridge (rev 01)" If you can't see the card there, maybe is something wrong with the card it self or the pcie port. Ok, sorry I didn't see y
  10. Well if some day you add those drivers, I can be your guinea pig. But with LibreELEC at least my card is working great.
  11. You are right, but I thought maybe ask here as here should be people using both versions, docker or plugin; and what people thinks is more stable. Anyway, if someone with the same problem read this, I fixed it changing the Tvheadend's CA mode from "Oscam net protocol" mode to "Oscam TCP" mode. Plus for DVB driver reference: I'm using a DVBSky S952 Dual DVB-S/S2 PCIe (V3) with LibreELEC Driver-package. Working perfect. One more time, thanks ich777.
  12. What is better to use on a Pcie sat-2 tuner? Tvheadend linuxserver docker or Mettbrot's Tvheadend plugin? With the docker container I can get first channel to descramble, but if I try to change channel doesn't work anymore. I have to restart Oscam to be able put one channel again. With the Tvheadend plugin, I can't even descramble one first channel. And looks like it crash a lot.
  13. DigitalDevices seems great, but as I'm just want to experiment a little bit, don't want to expend 150-300€ on a card 😅. I found the Wintv hvr 4000 for 20€ and a PCIe TBS 6981 for about 40€. With the Wintv I found that it should work with the LinuxTV package but I'm not sure where to find the models that works with Libreelec package. I guess that with the TBS I should use TBS-OpenSource package on your plugin. Anyway, thanks for the info and thanks for your work with all your plugins!
  14. Did anyone tried it with a Wintv hvr 4000? I found a cheap one, but not sure to buy it. Have no experience with Pcie-Pci dvb devices. Thanks!
  15. Would love to see the results of this. I already have a 1060 6gb for plex on my unraid system, but would love to add a second card to it and use Parsec and play some games on a Win 10 VM. I'm so tired to wait for Plex add AMD gpu support over Linux..