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  1. I tried a different server and works
  2. Yes, with VPN enabled is not possible to access the GUI. When set 'no' to 'VPN_ENABLED' the GUI works.
  3. Hi. I've some trouble with this docker. When I start or stop a VM home assistant don't detect the new status of the VM until I restart Unraid-API docker.
  4. Hi, in the WebUI of qBittorrent the priority field is selected but is not shown. With the developer tools the table head of priority is set to invisible. <th title="#" style="width: 30px;" class="column_priority invisible">#</th>
  5. Hi, today I try to add hosts by adding line to local.list but when I restarted the container the changes reset. How can I solve?
  6. Thank you atom-diagnostics-20200315-2056.zip
  7. Hi, new problem for me After the Zeroing the Post-Read verification failed because "Your drive is not zeroed". I'm already try 2 times (one with the pre-read, same error)
  8. Maybe it is that. Thank you so much
  9. I don't know why but I restarted 2-3 times the server, reinstall the plugin and now work. Thank you for the help
  10. No, I'm trying to start unraid with the GUI and no lan connected and try to start preclear