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  1. I'm seeing issues reported in this thread since a few weeks to. - webterminal does not work - web VNC does not work - log 100%, spammed with ngix error I don't have any webterminal tabs open. Would be nice to get some support on this issue...
  2. Did you get any help? I recently observe that the terminal and any VNC connection (via website) to unraid VMs stay open no longer than a few seconds, after which I need to reconnect. Using a Windows 10 Client with Chrome. No problems with software VNC viewer connecting to the unraid VMs.
  3. @NeoMatrixJR Any chance you could share how you figured this one out? I seem to have a similar problem with my newly created Windows 10 VM no a recent unraid.
  4. At least you're getting somewhere, for me it is terribly slow to download plugin: updating: unRAIDServer.plg plugin: downloading: ... 0% With maybe a percent every minute. The same file I can download on my computer on the same network within seconds. Udating docker containers on the other hand is very fast (also when downloading data).
  5. I have a similar error, but at bootup, ever since I had a power outage. I am suspecting that the regarding device (PCIe USB3 card) was damaged. Did you ever find out more?
  6. I have -i br0 in the settings, but still wsdd pops up with 100% since months. Annoying, since I was going for a very low power build, which is ruined by this. 😞
  7. Same happening to me with 6.8.3. edit: noticed there is already a bug report about this