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  1. thanks for that tip. A question about the instructions for rebuild-dndc.... on step 2 where it talks about ... docker network create container:master_container_name do i need to change master_container_name to binhex-delugevpn?
  2. still having this problem - is there a paid support service available? this is quite problematic.
  3. Whenever an update for one of my docker images becomes available, my unraid installtion ends up with orphan images which in turn creates high image disk utilization. The only solution I've found is to log in every few days and delete the orphan images manually. Attached are my diagnostics, as well as a notification list and my docker page. i deleted those orphan images and applied the updates after collecting the diagnostics that are attached. Is it possible this is a bug? I have mentioned this problem here in the past but we have not been able to uncover a solution. Any suggestions appreciated.
  4. rather than start a new thread - i thought i'd add to this one. For those that see this post here's a short summary of my situation: Whenever my server finds an update of an installed docker, i end up with an orphaned docker image. These dockers are no automatically updating. I have suggested it might be a bug but mindful that I am not technically capable of determining that. Any suggestions on things to try would be appreciated.
  5. @Squidwould you happen to have any thoughts?
  6. roger! thanks for all your help to this point.
  7. @trurl would you have any thoughts on this? was hoping some others might help take the weight of your shoulders. I left the server alone for a few days - came back today and there were 7 orphans with 5 images needing updates applied. I'm curious that the Total Data Pulled is always 0 B for any docker.... is this unrelated to the size of the file or is it because the data is downloaded ahead of time and then the update is applied so the dockder run doesn't show the download? (or something else? again out of my depth here).
  8. okay so when i logged in today - you will notice that i had 3 orphans and one image saying it needed to be updated: After hitting check for updates - there were indeed 3 that had updates ready. I deleted the orphan images, applied the updates and took this screen cap of the docker run for calibre web... I'm guessing it's tied to the way my containers are updating - i haven't changed any settings and have tried to show in previous posts all the configurations. Any suggestions?
  9. they don't appear to be. okay so interestingly enough - i just checked - a new orphan had appeared - i ran "check for updates" and Jackett had an update ... is it normal for a docker to have an update 3 consecutive days? here's the docker run from that install.... This is really strange and i appreciate your continued help on it.
  10. I do have that set to yes ... here are all my settings:
  11. Yeah, i am all about using google and forum search to turn up stuff but if you don't know what to input - it can severely limit what i'm able to turn up. Is it possible this is tied to a plugin that is somehow checking for updates surreptitiously? Here are my plugins...