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  1. regarding the Chromium docker-image: is there a way to use its webdriver like described here: ?
  2. Is there a way to run a win installation on this, without fiddeling with extra comments in winPE?
  3. I am not able to visit the webinterface either, since the update. Unfortunatelly there is no obvious error in the log.
  4. Hi, I have certification errors with my usenet-server: "TLS certificate verification failed for certificate has expired. For more info visitโ€œ The support of my provider said i should replace the "cacert.pem" file. But there is no in my appdata folder. Can i do this somehow? Or can I turn off the cert-check? (not prefered) best wishes
  5. ahh thanks for the hint! cool to see a fellow austrian in the unraid forums :))
  6. When a link from is put into Jdownloader2, there shows up a Window about ffmpeg, which i can not close. ๐Ÿ˜› (Sry, screenshot is in german)
  7. docker: Error response from daemon: pull access denied for binhex/sabnzbd, repository does not exist or may require 'docker login': denied: requested access to the resource is denied. anybody else with this problem?
  8. I think it did work, but I am using Krusader for now.
  9. Hi, I am not able to get this template running: logs: 2021-01-08T20:07:01.846Z INFO Operator email {"Address": "censored"} 2021-01-08T20:07:01.846Z INFO Operator wallet {"Address": "censored"} Error: Error starting master database on storagenode: group: --- stat config/storage/blobs: no such file or directory --- stat config/storage/temp: no such file or directory --- stat config/storage/garbage: no such file or directory --- stat config/storage/trash: no such file or directory this is my xml: <Networking> <Mode>bridge</Mode> <Publish> <Port> <HostPort>28967</HostPort> <ContainerPort>28967</ContainerPort> <Protocol>tcp</Protocol> </Port> <Port> <HostPort>14002</HostPort> <ContainerPort>14002</ContainerPort> <Protocol>tcp</Protocol> </Port> </Publish> </Networking> <Data/> <Environment> <Variable> <Value>**censored**</Value> <Name>WALLET</Name> <Mode/> </Variable> <Variable> <Value>**censored**</Value> <Name>EMAIL</Name> <Mode/> </Variable> <Variable> <Value>**censored**:28967</Value> <Name>ADDRESS</Name> <Mode/> </Variable> <Variable> <Value>2TB</Value> <Name>STORAGE</Name> <Mode/> </Variable> <Variable> <Value/> <Name>BANDWIDTH</Name> <Mode/> </Variable> </Environment> <Labels/> <Config Name="TCP Port" Target="28967" Default="28967" Mode="tcp" Description="Default Storj V3 node port." Type="Port" Display="always" Required="true" Mask="false">28967</Config> <Config Name="Wallet Address" Target="WALLET" Default="" Mode="" Description="Your Payout address here." Type="Variable" Display="always" Required="true" Mask="false">**censored**</Config> <Config Name="Email address" Target="EMAIL" Default="" Mode="" Description="Email address used to sign Storj V3 node. (recommended)" Type="Variable" Display="always" Required="true" Mask="false">**censored**</Config> <Config Name="Internet Address" Target="ADDRESS" Default="" Mode="" Description="Your ISP IP address:28967 (static IP) or dynamic DNS address here." Type="Variable" Display="always" Required="true" Mask="false">**censored**:28967</Config> <Config Name="Allocated Storage" Target="STORAGE" Default="2TB" Mode="" Description="A minimum of 500GB with no maximum of available space per node. Preferred minimum of 8TB and maximum of 24TB of available space per node." Type="Variable" Display="always" Required="true" Mask="false">2TB</Config> <Config Name="Dashboard Port" Target="14002" Default="14002" Mode="tcp" Description="The port to access web dashboard" Type="Port" Display="always" Required="true" Mask="false">14002</Config> <Config Name="Bandwidth" Target="BANDWIDTH" Default="" Mode="" Description="(OPTIONAL) Amount of bandwidth used, per month, to Storj network. According to Storj documentation, minimum is 2TB, recommended is 16+ TB, preferred is unlimited (e.g. 100000TB)." Type="Variable" Display="advanced" Required="false" Mask="false"/> what am I doing wrong? //edit: these are my "extra parameters" --mount type=bind,source="/mnt/user/appdata/storj/identity/storagenode/",destination=/app/identity --mount type=bind,source="/mnt/user/storj/",destination=/app/config I created the identitiy on Windows and copied the files over into the appdata folder. I also created the "storj" share.
  10. lol, not gonna happen. I consider renaming hundreds of files manually a bad idea. ๐Ÿ˜… I wrote a shell-script for that purpose that renames unsupported windows-characters to underscores. it served me well. #!/bin/sh # -------------------------------------------------------- # User: Greyberry ( # Date: 01.04.2021 # -------------------------------------------------------- # This Script was written for UNRAID, to guarantee # filename-compatibility with Windows and MacOS Systems. # It changes unsupported chars to an underscore '_' . # # DISCLAIMER # The code within this post comes with no guarantee, # the use of this code is your responsibility. # I take NO responsibility and/or liability for how you choose to use any of the code available here. # By using any of this code, you understand that you are AGREEING TO USE AT YOUR OWN RISK. # ALL code is for EDUCATION and/or RESEARCH purposes ONLY. # --------------------------------------------------------- processDir(){ for file in "$1"/*; do # skip nonexisting files, just in case if [[ ! -e "$file" ]]; then continue fi # rename SPECIAL_CHARS if [[ "$file" == *[$SPECIAL_CHARS]* ]]; then # Preview if [[ "$OPERATION_MODE" == "PREVIEW" ]] && [[ $(basename "$file") == *[$SPECIAL_CHARS]* ]]; then echo "PREVIEW: $file ----> ${file//[$SPECIAL_CHARS]/$REPLACEMENT_CHAR}" fi # Commit if [[ "$OPERATION_MODE" == "COMMIT" ]]; then echo "RENAMING: $file ----> ${file//[$SPECIAL_CHARS]/$REPLACEMENT_CHAR}" mv "$file" "${file//[$SPECIAL_CHARS]/$REPLACEMENT_CHAR}" file="${file//[$SPECIAL_CHARS]/$REPLACEMENT_CHAR}" fi fi # visit directory if [ -d "$file" ]; then processDir "$file" fi done } # check arguments if [ "$#" -ne 2 ] || ! [ -d "$1" ] || [[ "$2" != "PREVIEW" && "$2" != "COMMIT" ]]; then echo "Usage: $0 <DIRECTORY> PREVIEW|COMMIT" >&2 exit 1 fi # vars SEARCH_DIR=$1 OPERATION_MODE=$2 SPECIAL_CHARS='\:\"\?\<\>\\' REPLACEMENT_CHAR='_' # start processDir "$SEARCH_DIR"
  11. Is there a way to easily fix all filenames containing illegal characters? the plugin found a lot doing the extended test.
  12. Thank you for the hints. I don't think panels.ini is capable to set both panels directories; at least i was not able to set the default dir of both panels via panels.ini. I now added an alias in the /boot/config/go script, and hope the alias will persist: alias mc='. /usr/share/mc/bin/ /mnt/user /mnt/user'
  13. Hi, how can i make a persistent default path for midnightcommander? I want it to start with "/mnt/user" preferably on both sides. best regards
  14. Hi, i have to do that periodicly to keep the Click'n'Load feature functional. Is there possibly a way that you create an container, where the programm is not loaded into appdata, but reloaded every restart automatically? Is there maybe a way i can do that? best regards
  15. nice, nearly in the same minute. ๐Ÿ™‚
  16. okay this was the solution for me: stop the container delete everything except the "cfg" folder in the jdownloader2 program folder (which is mounted in appdata) start the container again and let it update / reload the program it seems that my installation was in a bad state. maybe it would be worth considering only mounting the cfg folder into appdata and reload the program at each start, but i dont know. ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ™‚
  17. no, it is bridged and not NATed. big difference. yes and no. if people do not know what they are doing, and how everything is working together, they can learn. ๐Ÿ™‚
  18. sorry i have to strongly disagree with that. the reason why your internal ip's are not reachable from the internet are that (a) private ips are not routed in the internet (b) your router most likely does NAT in the IPv4 spectrum. unraid does not make any Network Address Translation, but the docker networktraffic (and IP-Addresses) is bridged(!) to the networkinterface. Therefore the ip is indeed reachable. I am able to ping the docker-address and also connect my browser directly to The issue most people run into is that their standard-gateway does not know how to route their docker-subnet (, but i added the route accordingly as a static route. so this does work. ๐Ÿ‘
  19. it should work ... don't expect a reasonable output or the opposite closing the connection again after no valid protocol input, but connecting with a socket of any kind should work, just for debugging purposes. to see if the socket is open. would be cool. ๐Ÿ™‚ so then happy last vacation-day. yes, i did this in the advanced settings. i am pretty sure it is right. note that this is NOT the destination address. in this case is the listen-address, which represents all nics of the machine. i also tried as listen-address but did not work out either. as for the destination address i tried the unraid-ip and the container-ip, both of which did not work out. at this point i think there is something going on with the container, that the feature is not started or not built into this jdownloader2 build?
  20. as i understand it: the click'n'load feature normally runs a javascript to do a HTTP POST to ... since our jDownloader Countainer is not running on localhost, we want to redirect all the traffic on this port to the unraid machine. (listen an all nics) with port 9666 goes then to (unraid) port 9666 which again forwards the traffic to the docker container at port 9666. i also tried forwarding the traffic directly to the docker ip, which should also work in theory because the corresponding route is set in the router, but did not work out either. the show all command shows that the command is commited as intentioned. PS C:\Windows\system32> netsh interface portproxy show all Abfragen auf ipv4: Verbinden mit ipv4: Adresse Anschluss Adresse Anschluss --------------- ---------- --------------- ---------- 9666 9666 //edit: issuing the command netsh interface portproxy add v4tov4 9666 9666 to change the listen address to, does not make it work. changing the destination address to the container ip also not, unfortunately. ๐Ÿ˜ž //edit2: i just tried telneting into with putty, and this does not work either (note: ping to this ip does work), so i assume the socket isn't even opened and therefore the click'n'load feature somehow not activated.
  21. Yes, that is what (2) and (3) supposed to mean. always worked without the plugin though.
  22. I am trying to get Click'n'Load working for the JDownloader2 container four hours now, but it just wont work. Maybe someone can help: (1) I forwarded 9666 to the unraid server on my windows machine: netsh interface portproxy add v4tov4 listenport=9666 listenaddress= connectport=9666 connectaddress= or mac machine: ssh -L 9666:localhost:9666 -N -o GatewayPorts=yes (2) forwarded tcp:9666 to the docker container (3) disabled "RemoteAPI: Extern Interface Localhost Only" in the extended settings ... but it does not work. Does anyone have an idea why? or a good methode to debug this?
  23. Hey, nextcloud is running fine for small files, but now i have some problems with large files. I wanted to handle a 4GB File and this were the issues i encountered: (A) by uploading the file, i got a message "Error when assembling chunks, status code 504", however the file was uploaded correctly i confirmed it by comparing the hash with the original file, so I dont worry too much about this. (B) when downloading this large file, my docker.img gets filled. Including that no other containers webinterface respond. is there a way to avoid this situation?
  24. Multiple arrays would also mean separated data-array and docker/vm-array. That would be great. ๐Ÿ™‚