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  1. It seems that I finally have some good news about those crashes Yes, I have looked up the recommended slots for 2 and 4 modules and always placed them in that way. There is no overclocking enabled as you are totally right about the stability aspect as well. --- I have updated to the latest version 6.9.0-RC1 when it was released, but that did not solve it (so it was not solved by the new kernel - which I hoped would fix it). After that I have done the following, which seems to have solved it: - Upgrade to 6.9.0-RC2
  2. Yea, unfortunately it was not Pi-hole 😅 To rule out the linuxserver.io DVB kernel (and also to test your awesome new docker) I have built a custom kernel with DVB and NVIDIA support today. Worked like a charm! I have also temporarily removed the memory modules (slot 1+2) that I had initially installed. As I have checked the amount of times the server started (which most of the time was due to crashes..) before and after I inserted the 2 additional modules, I realized that the amount of starts/crashes before were about every ~2nd day (for 30 days), after the install
  3. Thanks for your help! @ich777 Yes, it's the linuxserver.io build for my Digital Devices TV cards. But I have already seen your awesome new plugin, and that is what I'll be using for Unraid 6.9.0 for sure I managed to move my Pi-hole instance to an old Raspberry Pi 2. I feel like the Pi-hole docker could have been the reason for the crashes as well. If the server is going to crash again in a few days though, I'll test a stock installation of Unraid in safe-mode without Docker/VM. I'll keep you updated. jnk22
  4. Hello, I am having a problem with regular crashes of my Unraid server. Those crashes usually happen after 1 - 10 days of runtime. I have attached 13 screenshots of the last screen that I took using my mainboard's remote control via webinterface. About 80% crashes happend during 02:00 AM and 09:00 AM, when nothing much happened at that time. Sometimes they occured during active usage of the server as well though. In the last ~6 months I have probably had a total amount of ~30 crashes of that kind. Unfortunately I did not have time to address them properly until
  5. I was able to restore all my data using btrfs restore! I restored all data to another HDD (as an unassigned device), formatted the cache driver afterwards (so that I have a clean drive again), and copied all data back to it again. I used "btrfs restore -xmSv" to also restore and keep my file attributes (see https://btrfs.wiki.kernel.org/index.php/Restore), just in case that anyone else might find this helpful. It seems that they have all been properly restored. Thanks a lot for your quick reply and help!
  6. Hello It seems that I have some file corruptions on my cache drive after a system reboot. Currently there does not seem to be any data affected that I would not be able to reproduce with some amount of time. But if there is any chance to recover those files I would gladly take that and also try to find out what actually happened on that drive. My system Unraid 6.8.2 (initially installed 6.8.3, downgraded to 6.8.2 Unraid DVB Edition later with plugin Unraid DVB for using my TV cards) Mainboard: Supermicro X11SPi-TF CPU: Intel Xeon Silver 42