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  1. You're probably having the same issue mentionned a few messages above. Check in Nextcloudpi panel, System info, I guess "Data directory" is set to /data-ro/nextcloud/data : it should be /data/nextcloud/data. You're not seeing your data in the share because /data-ro/ mountpoint is inside docker.img. You can try what I suggested.
  2. That's worth the shot indeed. Not like i've been moving arround my server though! Edit: Drive reseated, and dust cleaned up! l Let see if the error occurs again now.. Edit2: Soo it's been a few days, and no Warning to declare in logs after cleaning dust / reseating the drive. I sent back the replacement one, hope it'll last for a few months ! Thank you for your help, subject can be tagged as solved.
  3. Thank you for your time! I've added the smart report in the initial post, I forgot to post it. Since I've been running this server in this configuration (this bios version and this drive) for almost a year now, I'll bet on the drive for now. I ordered one, I'll try to swap it and keep you updated!
  4. Hi everyone, Looking at logs to check if upgrade to 6.9 was going smoothly, I noticed two episodes of "ata12.00: exception Emask" errors, followed by a lot of "ata12.00: failed command: READ FPDMA QUEUED" and, finally "ata12: hard resetting link". I've done my homework : if I understand correctly what I found on the forum, three suspects are usually considered, SATA cables, PCIe module if relevant, or the drive itself. In this case, it's an M.2 Sata drive, directly plugged in MB's slot, and Smart report does not seems to point out a bad drive. Bad drive or mobo's fault
  5. Actually, it is : Network Type is set to "bridge", so you're trying to assign port 80 to this container, already used by Unraid's webui! 2 solutions : keep it in bridge mode, and use different ports for Http and Https (not 80 or 443 then : you can use 1080 or 1443 for instance), or change network type to br0 and assign a static ip address outside DHCP range in "Fixed ip adress" field. You do not need to change WebUI field. Have a look to some local networking introduction course, and then to some content to understand how Unraid and docker are dealing with network. It'll
  6. Just to follow up, host-passthrough mode seems to be working again for me under 6.9 with my ryzen 1600!
  7. Sure! But I advise you to be really careful messing arround with these config files, Nextcloud seems to be really capricious.. BIG warning there once again, backup the data before any modification, and before making the change, be sure to replicate from within the container the content from /data-ro/nextcloud/data to /data/nextcloud/data, including hidden files. Otherwise, you'll just lose access to the data, or Nextcloud won't be able to access it (cause it'll be missing the .ocrdata file). Be careful to keep the same permissions for the files. Then, In the host, not
  8. Joining the discussion since I had the same issue a few weeks ago after an update. If you look carefully at the "System info" screenshot you provided, you'll notice that nextcloudpi is setting the data-ro directory as the data directory (datadir). Thing is, data-ro is inside the docker.img, and that's why it's now filled up. I had a real nightmare reverting the change, only fixing the nextcloudpi config file (datadir field actually) ended up in ncp not finding the database and the data, so I finally reinstalled from scratch.... Here the data folder seems to be mapped correctly and
  9. You have to copy the previous content inside the new folder, including hidden files. For a few versions now, Nextcloudpi is creating daily backups in the docker img, which is really annoying because all automated backups are suppose to be disabled from nexctloudpi control panel. Does anyone has encounter this behaviour or know how to disable it ? Backups are created in the /var/www/backups repository inside the container.
  10. Thank you both of you for your detailed explanations. Now I better understand what happened and the succession of events, not specifically related to heat as I understood initially, which was mysterious to me. I guess it's just the way UPS and power fluctuations works, and I'll have to move to a higher end unit to be able to protect more efficiently my server.
  11. Thank you for your complete reply! I realize now that electric fluctuation may be the cause of my troubles. You did not mention the heat variable, do you exclude the possiblity that the ups overheated ? I was surprised by this behavior, since this model has an AVR feature, supposed to handle electric fluctuation without switching on battery. I already have an extension for USB plugged into the motherboard, Unraid flashdrive is plugged on it! Maybe I should switch for a 4 USB extension considering the low cost. Regarding Email, I received the "Communication lost with
  12. Hi all, A few weeks ago, we had a heat wave here in France, and both my server and its ups (APC Back-ups Pro 550G) runned hotter than usual (+6 C° delta). On August 10th, I noticed that Apcupsd reported a 96% battery charge constantly. I thought of a bug, and restarted the server. Battery ranked up to 100%. Later, Unraid reported (without email notification) a power failure at 23:11 for 2 seconds, a second one at 00:03 for a second, and a last (lethal) one at 00:08, immediately followed by a "Communications with UPS lost." report. Looking in logs, my domotic ant
  13. Thank you very much! organizr/organizr here we are.
  14. Hi @Roxedus! Thanks for the work done on improving Organizrv2 which is a very useful tool. I just saw your announcement "DEPRECATING ORGANIZRTOOLS/ORGANIZR-V2", I was wondering if a new official repo on Docker Hub was already available, or even better, a new "app" for an unraid server ? I was not able to find any for the moment. Thanks!
  15. Hi all, I just noticed a weird behaviour while migrating some docker containers to Ipv6. They appear to be assigned two different ipv6 addresses on the same subnet. Ip addr on a container : eth0@if108: <BROADCAST,MULTICAST,UP,LOWER_UP> mtu 1500 qdisc noqueue state UP group default link/ether 02:42:c0:a8:28:04 brd ff:ff:ff:ff:ff:ff link-netnsid 0 inet brd scope global eth0 valid_lft forever preferred_lft forever inet6 2a01:****:****:**e4:****:****:****:2804/64 scope global dynamic mngtmpaddr valid_lft 8639