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  1. Hello, please can anyone help? I am running NPM on unraid 6.9.1 and using this container: jlesage/nginx-proxy-manager Everything has been running perfect until now. I haven't changed anyhting up until now and can't understand why none of my domains no longer work. I have posted a screenshot of the log with problems in yellow.. as these we expired or no longer used I removed tehm from NPN, and seen as they were giving me errors I removed them manually using certbot remove command but now I get errors in red (2nd screenshot) Please help. This always happens after a few months and I have to remove the container and start again, a pain if you have over 20 hosts. Thanks, Craig.
  2. Hello, sorry to dig up this old post but I'm having difficulty recieving unraid stats into HA. I have Unraid-API installed and MQTT on HA and both are talking. I can't figure out why I'm not recieving stats such as unraid CPU, HDD space, docker info, VM info. Pictured are what I am actually getting. Can anyone suggest where I may be going wrong or any extra steps I need to take. Thanks, Craig Available stats.. MQTT.. Unraid-API Log.. Thanks.
  3. I bet its zoneminder. Thanks for the tip.
  4. Hi, my docker image size was 40% this morning, I've traveled to my holiday destination and i got a notification saying its at 70%, since then I get a notification saying its gone up again every 5 minutes so far it's gone up by 1% it's now at 80% what the hell is going on. I've checked the docker tab and no dockers are using excess store. What will happen when it hits 💯? Seeking advice. Thanks.
  5. I've come from Carbon Copy Cloner from MAC so I'm used to version backups. I will have a good look and play and see what's waht. Thanks. Is this encrypted or just copy for copy?
  6. OK will take a look. Does it do schedule backup and if I delete a file from unraid does it also delete from the destination drive? Thanks.
  7. Hi, sorry if this is in the wrong section. Is it possible to backup my unraid share (All Photos) to my RPi4 on the same network. I've looked at rclone and have never done scripting before. I would prefer a gui but not that important. Is there a guide from start to finish please? Thank you.
  8. Hello. I'm getting the following message from Fix Common Problems : CPU possibly will not throttle down frequency at idle.. Your CPU is running constantly at 100% and will not throttle down when it's idle (to save heat / power). This is because there is currently no CPU Scaling Driver Installed. Seek assistance on the unRaid forums with this issue I'm running a DELL Poweredge T310 Intel XEON X3430 @ 2.4ghz 32gb Ram I'm not sure what to do or where to look for a possible fix for this as this is my first server and unraid usage. Thanks for any help.