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  1. RokleM

    NBase network support?

    Good question I'm having a hard time finding an official answer to It seems some have got it to work.
  2. Hello all, maybe I'm missing it, but anyway to add local host entries? There are plenty of ways to add local DNS lookup (need to resolve *nix boxes and other that don't do netbios) when running on a full VM/host, but not finding a way to do this in an unraid docker.
  3. RokleM

    NBase network support?

    Seems unraid OS sees the card, but do not appear to be able to use it via the GUI. <node id="network" class="network" handle="PCI:0000:02:00.0"> <description>Ethernet controller</description> <product>TN9510 10GBase-T/NBASE-T Ethernet Adapter</product> <vendor>Tehuti Networks Ltd.</vendor> <physid>0</physid> <businfo>pci@0000:02:00.0</businfo> <version>00</version> <width units="bits">64</width> <clock units="Hz">33000000</clock> <configuration> <setting id="latency" value="0" /> </configuration> <capabilities> <capability id="msi" >Message Signalled Interrupts</capability> <capability id="pm" >Power Management</capability> <capability id="pciexpress" >PCI Express</capability> <capability id="bus_master" >bus mastering</capability> <capability id="cap_list" >PCI capabilities listing</capability> </capabilities> <resources> <resource type="memory" value="f0100000-f010ffff" /> </resources> </node> <node id="network" claimed="true" class="network" handle="PCI:0000:05:00.0"> <description>Ethernet interface</description> <product>RTL8111/8168/8411 PCI Express Gigabit Ethernet Controller</product> <vendor>Realtek Semiconductor Co., Ltd.</vendor> <physid>0</physid> <businfo>pci@0000:05:00.0</businfo> <logicalname>eth0</logicalname> <version>06</version> <serial>[REMOVED]</serial> <size units="bit/s">1000000000</size> <capacity>1000000000</capacity> <width units="bits">64</width> <clock units="Hz">33000000</clock> <configuration> <setting id="autonegotiation" value="on" /> <setting id="broadcast" value="yes" /> <setting id="driver" value="r8169" /> <setting id="driverversion" value="2.3LK-NAPI" /> <setting id="duplex" value="full" /> <setting id="firmware" value="rtl8168e-3_0.0.4 03/27/12" /> <setting id="latency" value="0" /> <setting id="link" value="yes" /> <setting id="multicast" value="yes" /> <setting id="port" value="MII" /> <setting id="slave" value="yes" /> <setting id="speed" value="1Gbit/s" /> </configuration> <capabilities> <capability id="pm" >Power Management</capability> <capability id="msi" >Message Signalled Interrupts</capability> <capability id="pciexpress" >PCI Express</capability> <capability id="msix" >MSI-X</capability> <capability id="vpd" >Vital Product Data</capability> <capability id="bus_master" >bus mastering</capability> <capability id="cap_list" >PCI capabilities listing</capability> <capability id="ethernet" /> <capability id="physical" >Physical interface</capability> <capability id="tp" >twisted pair</capability> <capability id="mii" >Media Independant Interface</capability> <capability id="10bt" >10Mbit/s</capability> <capability id="10bt-fd" >10Mbit/s (full duplex)</capability> <capability id="100bt" >100Mbit/s</capability> <capability id="100bt-fd" >100Mbit/s (full duplex)</capability> <capability id="1000bt" >1Gbit/s</capability> <capability id="1000bt-fd" >1Gbit/s (full duplex)</capability> <capability id="autonegotiation" >Auto-negotiation</capability> </capabilities> <resources> <resource type="irq" value="42" /> <resource type="ioport" value="d000(size=256)" /> <resource type="memory" value="f0004000-f0004fff" /> <resource type="memory" value="f0000000-f0003fff" /> </resources> </node>
  4. RokleM

    Is the unraid community (or product) dying?

    Thanks for the feedback guys/gals. Seems like there are some deficiencies IMO, but in general it appears most believe things are working.
  5. RokleM

    Build help requested - Time to upgrade

    Well not sure if things will work out, but made some decisions and proceeding... Guess no further feedback is required at this point.
  6. I've come back after a couple year hiatus and am looking at building a new box. I've been browsing around the forums and things are... different. 1) It seems many sections have turned overly hostile and "go google it", "go search for it" type of answers. 2) The actual technical sections seem to be heavily abandoned. 3) Hardware suggestion sections have volumes of posts with little to no assistance / responses, or maybe a quick minor attempt from one or two individuals and then silence. Even seemingly simple questions from people are ignored. 4) It appears (from a general view), the most commonly viewed and participated areas are actually just related to unraid and not unraid itself. It doesn't seem like the product is dead, but it appears that the community mentality has changed quite a bit and isn't actually focused on one of the main reasons the forum exists.
  7. RokleM

    Build help requested - Time to upgrade

    Another alternative... I'm probably going to replace my gaming rig, which while older, is quite a bit of beast and actually has more umph than the i5-7500 I posted (and that's without the healthy stable 4.4 GHz overclock it typically runs)... I guess much of this going back to the case and, if things can be sandwiched in, if I should replace the Norco, and what to do about add-on SATA ports. I wish there were more good reviews of the case.
  8. RokleM

    Build help requested - Time to upgrade

    Some possibilities? Not knowing what I want to do processor / VM / Docker / etc wise, hard to tell which would be logical. Price jump is pretty huge. Also 1x8g, can add another 1x8g later if I determine it's needed. Board is smaller and will fit well, has m.2, 6 ports for initial support, relatively lower power usage, etc. Use current SATA card, use different? Compatible?
  9. Current setup: Old tower case with 2x 4-in-3 Norco cages (aftermarket fans) (SS-400 I think ???) Supermicro X8SIL-F i5 750 @ 2.67GHz 4g RAM 5x 3-4TB drives that should be slowly replaced Old 2TB junk cache disk sy-pex40039 (2 port SATA card) Corsair CX430 Goal: Get the current one off the floor. It does a GREAT job at collecting dust, getting kicked, and everything else. I'm a network engineer by hobby and profession (40 years old with 25y in the field, do the math), and have a wall mounted 19" short depth cabinet next to my desk, which also has a Thermaltake wall mounted PC next to it. Cabinet is only 13" deep, but know this will NOT hold any decent 19" case what so ever. I can / will replace with an adjustable frame rack (star tech RK812WALLOA, 20" depth MAX). I have QNAP's for DVR (HDHomeRun), so the primary use is backup of computers, movie storage, etc. VM / Docker / KVM would be nice, some unix distro's for logging, perl scripts, testing, etc. It is however not a KEY factor, a nice to have, and if run would not likely be incredibly intensive. I would like to host some internal games for the kids via Steam client, however that currently is most 32 bit supported in Unix, which makes it quite difficult on this platform. So point here is: Storage primary, VM's nice to have. Price, not looking to spend a fortune. As flexible as unraid is, and I love it, if price gets out of hand there is no reason not to go buy a QNAP instead. Keep the suggestions within reason guys. 10g network (eventually) would be nice, or at least an option (already have PCI-E N-Base 1g/2.5g/5g/10g card) Headless / KVMless is NEARLY a must. If I HAVE to absolutely plug something in I will, but this honestly is pretty stupid with any modern computer to even require a monitor and keyboard anymore in a USB world. Manufactures that do this need to be beaten. BONUS POINTS: KVM / ILO / OOB / IDRAC / EIEIO / etc over IP. I do have some spare M.2 chips that could be used (for example, possible great replacement for cache disk), so if supported that would be cool. Hardware so far: Cases, this has been the biggest PAIN so far. Remember sort depth wall mounted rack... Norco RPC-4308 - Good: Cool little case, 8 drives, plenty of motherboard space Bad: Price, and ZERO drive cooling (of all vendors to not understand importance of drive cooling) Verdict: Probably pass Chenbro rm42300-f Good: Price is excellent. Layout looks really good, ability for me to (maybe) re-use my Norco units Bad: I really don't think I can get my current board, or another good sized full board, into this case with the 8.5" deep Norco units. Reviews with this combination, I have not been able to find Verdict: Think this is the one, but maybe limits me to Micro or Mini boards instead of full sized Board? Intel preferred, m.2 capabilities a bonus CPU? Intel preferred RAM? You tell me. Need probably at lest a couple of gig for UnRaid, if VM/KVM/Docker, sounds like 16+ would be nice, but with RAM prices being stupid, again the build has to support something cost effective Drives, import old for now. Possibly looking at a few new 6-10TB drives. Support for at least the 8 bays I have would be ideal, 12 better (there are internal areas for drives in the above case too) 4-in-3 Norco cages (aftermarket fans) (SS-400 I think ???). I'm pretty fond of these, so wouldn't mind re-using if possible unless there is a compelling reason to replace. For example if a shorter depth cage would allow a full sized board that is absolutely critical for the build and worth the change, I would consider. Power Supply - Reuse Corsair CX-430 if possible, if not, replace with
  10. RokleM

    Upgrading unRaid-5 to unRaid-6

    Copied bzroot, bzimage, make_boot, and syslinux over. Then did a make bootable and it appears to have worked.
  11. RokleM

    Upgrading unRaid-5 to unRaid-6

    Followed step 1. Could not find kernel image: linux boot: Make Bootable v1.2 Volume in drive E is UNRAID Volume Serial Number is asdf Press any key to continue . . . E:\syslinux\syslinux.exe -maf E: The system cannot find the path specified. Completed Press any key to continue . . .
  12. RokleM

    unRAID 6.0 request Telnet vs SSH

    I really don't care about the windoses you listed. Telnet client is present in any respectable OS. Which ironically completely invalidates your point because so is SSH. Sosorry So is ping. So what? You broke your logic. Other than the fact ping has nothing to do with the topic...... thanks? I think?
  13. RokleM

    unRAID 6.0 request Telnet vs SSH

    I really don't care about the windoses you listed. Telnet client is present in any respectable OS. Which ironically completely invalidates your point because so is SSH. Sosorry
  14. RokleM

    unRAID 6.0 request Telnet vs SSH

    ^^^ Correct. Nearly every software and hardware vendor have been phasing out telnet for nearly a decade now. Very few exist anymore, unraid ironically being one of them. Me thinks you overcomplicate SSH There is practically nothing to do other than 60 seconds to grab a free open source SSH client (included on almost every major OS already with the exception of Microsoft). It takes about the same time, if not more, to install the microsoft one. Sorry, this is wrong, just plain fact. Almost every software and hardware vendor is turning it off for the fact they do NOT want to be responsible for the security implications. Do you guys still use leaded gasoline becuase "it just works"? Sorry, but there is just no logical excuse to keep telnet around anymore.
  15. Something I should keep an eye on? Was going to make this one the parity becuase of the speed...