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  1. I've set up a new computer for a friend and wanted to access my unraid share on my local network and faced the same issue that the path is not found. I found many suggestions on google but only this solution helped me out. Thanks a lot to the OP. ❤️
  2. In case someone finds this thread searching why the domain is not accessible using OPNsense with Unbound. For me it fixes with setting [System] -> [Settings] -> [Administration] -> [DNS Rebind Check].
  3. faced same issue - Confirmed clearing cache works for chrome
  4. I checked Oxidemod and you are right, it's not 100% needed if you want to make a server listed in the modded section. But if you want to administrate an "unmodded" server and want to be listed in the official tab this would be a usecase I think. Would it be much effort?
  5. Hi @ich777, many thanks for you hard work! I have one question: Is there a way to connect to the Rust Server Console? Thanks
  6. Confirmed working now, thank you very much!
  7. Thanks for you insights, helped me!
  8. Thanks! But when using this method I am getting "An unexpected error occured" after VNCService tries to start.
  9. Hi @ich777 thanks for the JDownloader2 Docker. Curious if it is possible to use VNC_PASSWORD variable to protect the UI? I tried to, but seems not to work for me. Any suggestions? Thanks
  10. Is there any thread where I can see how it's done "manually using the console"? Thanks
  11. I'm using Xpenology as well and I've updated to 6.9.2 without any problems. Running fine. I'm using a dedicated SSD for it, but I am not sure if it should be the same.
  12. I have also had the problem a few times that the Docker service did not stop because a container did not want to kill itself. I have also tried to do this manually and have never been able to successfully kill a Docker container manually. I have also used docker kill containername with no success. I then had to manually unplug my Unraid server, which is really suboptimal. It's good that rebooting worked around the problem for you, however it's not a real solution. Has anyone else experienced this and can either confirm that docker kill worked for them or what the correct solution was? Because I would like to know if it is a problem on my machine or a general unraid problem.
  13. Facing the same issue.. lage docker pulls (e.g. linuxserver/nextcloud) are slow for me. Only getting about 1.6mbps download speed. The 212mb file takes ages. Is it dockerhub which has got problems or my docker setup?