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  1. @mark41 pleased to hear that my research could bring you further!
  2. @vatsalya Due to you are using AMD this method could not work because with my mentioned method you change from "Penryn" to "host" which will pass the host CPU. In your case, it will be AMD and not Intel. At the time I posted the solution I was running Dual Xeons and it could be, that it only works with Intel host CPUs. As I am not running macOS VM anymore I sadly can't help much more here.
  3. Any news on this one? I will have to upgrade my Cache Pool as well (RAID1).
  4. Thanks for the insights. I'm messing around with this and a P2000 and can't even get it working. I've added "mt" : 4 to the config after the "worker" and started the trex docker in PRIVILEGED mode, is there more I've missed?
  5. I am on Version 6.9.2 2021-04-07, and my UI stucks within "updating..." after adding a second VDISK.
  6. Bump. Searching as well. Would be really appreciated if someone could share a script on how to detect if a specific VM is running. Thanks!
  7. Thanks, but I can't confirm that. I've got a Smart Plug for the power socket and can see in idle consumption of my unraid system (incl. router and small other stuff) of about 204 watts and when the Windows 10 Gaming VM runs (in idle) its about 230 watts - even when it's set to energy saving in windows.
  8. How do you deal with a GPU that is used for a gaming VM? Since GPU is bind via VFIO, I don't see it with the nvidia-smi command and can't see what power state it is in when the VM is turned off. I have a relatively high power consumption and would like to save power in all places if possible. Are there any tips?
  9. I'm trying to get hedgedoc to work with swag reverse proxy, but unfortunately it doesn't work. Has anyone already got it working, if so, could they help with the config for swag/hedgedoc?
  10. Would be appreciated if the fix could be merged, I love this tool. Thanks to mlapaglia for taking the time!
  11. Thanks for posting it here. I'am facing exactly the same issues as you mentioned on 6.9.0-rc2. I thought I had broke something on my own fault. Happy to hear it is (again) a release issue from Plex. Let's hope it will be fixed quickly.
  12. I've updated to Version: 6.9.0-beta35 just now and I was using Plex docker as well with unraid nvidia plugin. I switched to this plugin and hardware transcoding is working without any problems out of the box. I think it is simply important to follow the instructions exactly. @ich777 Thanks for the great work!
  13. Reporting the same issue for Version: 6.9.0-beta35. Data won´t refresh on dashboard.
  14. Thank you for your answers. Since I still have some slots available, this is actually no problem, but would be nicer of course. I bought 2 single adapters and will install them the next days.