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  1. Please just use the search.... password&quick=1&type=forums_topic&item=76460 But in case you cant find it:
  2. Is this not an setting/issue with nextcloud? Does that have a redirect / force domain option?
  3. There should be an option to redirect traffic to HTTPS ('force https' or something like that). I can't currently check how it is called exactly as I am having some PSU issues so my server is offline
  4. Perhaps /data/letsencrypt-acme-challenge (in the container) ?
  5. No that is not normal, it seems to be in a restart loop. Did you make any custom config? Perhaps a IP list with no entries or something not sure. You can check the config file listed to see what is wrong exactly.
  6. And what if you create a script? Does it execute in that case? Perhaps helps?
  7. Did you mount the correct folders (please share a screenshot of your container config). Perhaps you are filling-up your docker image?
  8. Allright, the reason why I am asking is if you can reach your NPM you shoud at least get somekind of error from NPM/nginx (like a gateway timeout). So that is why I am thinking that the problem lies before your NPM. (For example the port-forward in your router). You could try to run on port 80 or 443 to see if you get that output in your browser. Just to eliminate NPM from the testing to make sure where the problem lies.
  9. If you get a "site cannot be reached" it probably not an issue with NPM but with your domain not resolving or your port not forwarded correctly. I assume you go to the NPM control panel through a local IP but your overseer domain resolves to an external IP. So just for sanity: Ping overseer.yourdomain Confirm it matches "" Check your port forwards are they correct? If it all checks out you can change your hosts file to add something like "192.168.*.*" to force your PC to use a local ip. Just to verify NPM works that way. Oh and also check the NPM logs for any errors of course
  10. Hm... what error are you getting exactly? If you can reach NPM (but NPM not overseer) you should get a 502 - gateway timeout. Can you confirm you can reach your NPM? Does your domian resolve correctly, is the 80/443 port forward in your router correct?
  11. Is your NPM container in the same 'proxynet'? If not use
  12. Does running 'createsuperuser' again perhaps work? (
  13. For reference: IN A container refers to the container itself. So that will only work if you have a single container with for example paperless AND redis.
  14. Yes Simpy forward to ip.of.your.vm:portofyourapp does not need to be on the same host
  15. @Linguafoeda 502 is a problem between NPM and the endpoint. Usally you let NPM handle SSL so: internet -> SSL -> yourdomain -> non-SSL -> your-internal-service (like plex, apache, bitwarden, whatever) Can you share some screenshots? I find it hard to understand exactly what your setup is.
  16. The volumes mounted in your Docker container so the details/config in the Docker tab
  17. You can "print" your email to PDF and then store it. Perhaps the most simple solution for a few reciepts?
  18. What are your volumes mounted? It does not seem happy on chown: /config/log/log: Symbolic link loop Not sure if that is the problem but it might be.
  19. Please share the output of the ssllabs cipher part. Did you also asked some one else with an iPhone to test it?
  20. Well the error seem to originate from certbox internals (so not really something with NPM). I thought perhaps something is corrupted there. I don't think that removing all config would have any effect. There are lots of hits on the error 'pkg_resources.DistributionNotFound: The 'mock' distribution was not found and is required by the application' most being solved by upgrading/reinstalling pyton.
  21. Hm that is really strange. Just to be sure did you already try to restart the NPM container? Perhaps you can extract the certificate and check the serialnumber to see if it matches what your browsers tells you. I still don't really understand the error perhaps reinstall / force update the container? Just in case?
  22. I think this file only exists in the NPM container yes. docker exec -it NginxProxyManager bash and then (you are now in the container) cat /tmp/logfile What do you want to test? Your website? Simply visit it from your phone 4G? Or am I not understanding your question correctly. I don't use cloudflare / duckdns but genrally the idea is that you have somekind of dynamic DNS (duckdns) and then your domain will point to that. So: randomname.duckdns -> your public ip will get automatically updated -> CNAME -> randomname.duckdns
  23. Hm that is strange, you could try to do the commands manually with some debug info / dry-run. Look into this topic posts from me should be some info. Never seen before is there anything in the log file specified? Of when you run with -v ?
  24. That error simply means that letsenctypt cannot verify your domain. It needs access to unencrypted http (the '.well-known') directory. Confirm if that works for you (so, http port 80).
  25. The file for your proxy host, you can either check them manually or see the UI for the ID