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  1. I use a USB extension cable with a Zwave dongle to get better antenna placement and separation from the (noisy) motherboard electronics. There is the same recommendation for Zigbee:
  2. i have a similar issue. I have both eth0 and eth1 configured because my host is attempting to provide service to a VLAN that is otherwise not visible to other parts of my network. The address I wish myservers to use is the local address of eth1 but instead, it's putting the local address of eth0 in the DNS entry at I have IPv4 default gateway metrics set so that eth1 is a higher priority (lower) metric (metric 1) than eth0 (metric 2). route table confirms this too. traceroute on the unraid host shell shows traffic exiting eth1 confirming that the default route is going via eth1. not sure how the plugin decide what interface's address to use. does it just always pick eth0?
  3. 1. I went to settings -> docker and set enable docker to "no". that caused processes hanging on to /mnt/disk*/system/* to exit - probably the loopback mount of docker.img onto /var/lib/docker. 2. Then ran mover and that copied files into docker.img and libvirt.img into /mnt/cache. 3. Then set enable docker to "yes" and apply. Then spin down disks and confirm they don't spin up again. You can verify what files are hitting the disk with 'lsof | grep /mnt/disk'. In my case i still had a grafana/influxdb container accessing files in /mnt/disk*/appdata because i forgot to re-set "cache: prefer" for that, so I had to take a further action of stopping that container, running move again until it was complete and starting container back up. A subsequent 'lsof' confirmed no /mnt/disk references and exclusively /mnt/cache/appdata instead.
  4. Alternatively to disabling SIP altogether, $ xattr -l /tmp/UNRAID/syslinux/syslinux 0081;xxxxxxxx;Chrome;<...GUID...> $ xattr -c /tmp/UNRAID/syslinux/syslinux $ sudo /tmp/UNRAID/syslinux/ /dev/<THE_DISK_IT_TRIED_BEFORE> ... syslinux for Mac OS X; created by Geza Kovacs for UNetbootin "/dev/disk2s1" unmounted successfully. ... syslinux installed successfully! INFO: the Unraid OS USB Flash drive is now bootable and may be ejected.