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  1. I tried again from the dockers console. No go. Tried it in the unraid console using chown -R 1000:1000 /mnt/user/Appdata/Nodered/.npm This fixed the issue and allowed me to update the palletes.
  2. getting an npm error in the nodered docker. When i try to update a pallet it gives me the following: I tried running the command in the console and just denies me. Any suggetions?
  3. I never needed to open any ports before, that's the only thing I can think of that it could be.
  4. the only thing I’ve changed was I replaced duckdns with cloudflare but I did not change anything around Deluge. Again. Works totally fine with the VPN turned off. Can access it totally fine. Soon as I re-enable the VPN, can’t see the UI. my log shows it starting everything just fine. Shows webui started, vpn connected, listening to privoxy port. that’s the only issue. So do you want 2 logs one showing with vpn off and another with on? Or just on?
  5. I can confirm I have the exact same issue. I've been trying to fix it all week thinking it was maybe a port/dns/firewall issue. I've ruled it all out and lead me to here. Something is up with the VPN portion of PIA. I tried switching to the WireGuard implementation and it works without VPN turned on. Log shows no errors, just can't see the UI like reported.
  6. I've been having a problem for the last 2 weeks where I cant get Sonarr to connect to Deluge. It keeps giving me the error Unknown exception: The operation has timed out.: '' Anyone else encounter this issue starting about 2 weeks ago? Was working perfectly fine up until then, and because I have automatic updates enabled I wont ever know when the issue exactly started. Any logs I can post to assist in finding a solution?
  7. No longer able to boot into GUI MODE since 6.9. Just hangs with black screen and blinking cursor. Was working fine on 6.8.3
  8. Has anyone had issues with other non-admin users not being able to stream via chromecast? (in the last 2 weeks or so) It keeps giving everyone a "too many active streams" error when they try. It works on all apps and stuff but as soon as they try and use chromecast the error appears. I've tried deleting both their profiles multiple times, made sure nobody else is using it, etc. I just can't figure this out. I feel it may be either a container issue or there's something that isn't closing itself down properly. If I go to the Dynamix Active Stream add-on, it has a list of Plex things but they can't be halted. Anyone got any theories?
  9. This thread shows you what to do. I implemented it and it works like a charm!
  10. I’ve tried to do the memtest but it seems every time I try to select it, the whole system restarts and just goes back to the boot screen. Ideas?
  11. I’m thinking it’s the marvel based HBA as everything is happening to the first 8 drives only. That HBA is likely the culprit as you say. I’m going to order an LSI card and replace them both and run the memtest as a precaution. Hopefully that will fix it.
  12. I've had quite a few issues with my unraid the last few weeks. First drive 1 pooped itself and became read-only. Managed to get everything off it and put the data onto other disks before removing the drive and resetting the pool without it. After this was completed, I ran a scrub on all the disks (15/16 disks now) and found 5 files that were not correctable. I have since replaced/removed the files in favour of good copies. Hopefully this is fixed. I felt it was prudent to do a filesystem check on all the drives today since i've had so many problems and now I'm getting a few errors on 3/15 disks. What would be the best way to fix this? Should I do the same as I did to drive 1 (pull data off and place onto the good disks and reformat the disk)? Or can I simply pull the disk, format it, and reinstall and let it rebuild from parity? Part 2 of this issue: After having a read through the log, it appears this is really isolated to my first 8 drives which is all on 1 controller. Could the HBA be the cause for all these issues lately? Would it be a good idea to get it replaced?
  13. I've tried everything to get stuff off disk 1 but i keep getting Input/output error with some files. I can't even copy certain ones out of my Snapshots because it appears they are corrupt as well. Suggestions? I purchased a new disk to replace it - suggestions?
  14. I just thought of something. I take daily snapshots of my Btrfs system. If I were to just pull disk 1, format it, and restore the files onto disk 1 from the snapshot, would that fix the issue? I’ve never had to restore files from a snapshot yet though so not entirely sure of the process