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  1. Seems that in the 6.9.0 beta35 release they have included amdgpu drivers. Check Then take a look at this thread There is someone that asks if it supports 3200g/3400g Hope this helps, I can't test it for now.
  2. Hi, I got this working. This is what I've done. 1. Edit container settings and change configuration path to look like this (you point to the directory, not to the file, that was my problem) 2. With windows or whatever edit a file named turnserver.conf with this content (It is a simple config, you only have to change the secret and the domain name) listening-port=3478 fingerprint use-auth-secret static-auth-secret=yourdesiredsecret total-quota=100 bps-capacity=0 stale-nonce no-multicast-peers 3. With krusader copy the turnserver.conf you just created to /mnt/user/appdata/coturn/ 4. Forward the ports in the router as OP says 5. Restart the container 6. In nextcloud add the servername:port and secret and TCP only Now click to test and must be successful. BTW @xthursdayx thanks for you work