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  1. So we finally got a couple people back on the server playing at the same time. There was minimal building but mainly a long lasting boss fight. And weirdly enough the server recorded inverse RAM spikes during the time this was happening (from 20:00 to 2:00 with a small break at 23:00 ish)... Other than that the RAM usage had continued the same pattern between 3.5 GB and 4 GB. At this point it really just seems like a Valheim server software 'feature' so I probably won't continue with updates here as there's nothing Ich77 can do about that! Thanks
  2. Never got back around to it as life got busy. Still on my mind though and I might find some time to try this again sometime this week. I'll post back here and tag you if I'm able to get it working! @der8ertl
  3. Not really a big issue but does anybody know why my DuckDNS container would be mis-reporting a use of 9 Exabytes of RAM? I'm not getting any errors in the log at the time these spikes happen so I'm not worried it's broken, just is mildly annoying/funny because it makes my status graph unreadable as it scales Y to account for the spike: EDIT: This is the Grafana query used to source the data from Influxdb: And I believe this is the only portion of the telegraf.conf file that would collect memory usage data:
  4. So I'm back to seeing the fluctuation between 3.5 GB and 4 GB. I think there's only been exploring done in world since the last update, no major building. Is it also normal to see the 2% steady CPU usage when no one is online (CPU is 8 core/16 thread if it matters)? Not really expecting a solution at this stage, just documenting it in case others have similar problems! No ill side effects have been seen so far. Plan to do a lot of building in world over the next week so we'll see how that affects RAM usage and/or world file size.
  5. Finally got the chance to check and my world database is 108 MB. I think I'll remove the container image and re pull it from your repo just in case but if I see the same behavior I guess it's fine! I wouldn't be surprised if it's something to do with in-game changes either, we ended up doing a lot of terraforming type activities before we heard that it has a huge impact on performance. Thanks for the help! UPDATE: Blew away the docker image, repulled it, put my backup files back in place. Still works great and RAM usage is down to 2.5 GB now! So I must've screwed up som
  6. Thanks for the quick reply! I’m not familiar at all with how this docker is setup to work so sorry if I point to the wrong things, I’ll try and use the folder paths to make it more clear! I’m talking about all of the logs in the container mapping /serverdata/serverfiles/Steam/logs. There’s about 12 different log files there and at first it seemed like most of them were written to in sync with the RAM usage spikes I saw, though now I think the writes are synced with times I or friends logged onto the world, not 100% sure. So my initial line of troubleshooting may have been quite wrong
  7. Hi, does anybody have an explanation/fix for the RAM usage behavior by the Valheim docker seen below? Can still connect to the Valheim dedicated server from LAN and WAN and play with normal desync issues, just bugs me seeing this on my status page... Previously, usage stayed at a flat 2.5-3 GB, don't remember exactly. Now it fluctuates a half GB on a very set timing. Possibly related to either an update to the Valheim game or Valheim Plus mod in the last few weeks but unsure. (The dip seen around 20:00 is due to restarting the docker to grab the newest Valheim Plus upd
  8. Hi all, Wondering if anyone else has experienced this issue and/or knows what may be causing it! I have been running pihole in a docker on Unraid for about a year now. Recently I've found that the speed of wifi on my iPhone 12 Pro Max is greatly reduced when loading items from many places (i.e. loading Apollo feed is extremely slow). However I still get close to full speed when testing through, which has been very confusing. I'm on the latest iOS, have made sure I'm on the 5GHz band and I am definitely using pihole as my DNS. If I go into my phone settings and
  9. Ah I did the same thing recently and maxed out my cache drive by accident.... really broke some of my dockers and I ended up having to nuke my docker image and reinstall. This was actually super easy though, because Community Apps saves your setup variable choices and the appdata config stuff is unaffected in the share. Only real *complicated* thing I had to do was remake a custom docker network type for my proxy. That may help you as well! Good luck!
  10. I have 2 Windows 10 clients hardwired on local gigabit LAN. Logs on one of them are showing an average speed of about 170 MBits/s during full image backups. This works out to about an hour and 15 min for 100 GBs of data. I'm writing straight to the array as well and I think it usually goes to my 5400 rpm drives in the array since they're the least full. Grafana shows my array disks getting hit with about 15MB/s from urbackup during backups. I also haven't had turbo write mode turned on for Unraid until yesterday so I might start to see higher speeds. Oh and I use the compressed format offered
  11. Hi Dent_, Nope didn't get back to troubleshooting as it wasn't a huge concern at the time, just something I wanted to enable to backup my parents' devices. At this point my best guess is something to do with DNS and the proxy? I have a pihole container that is my DNS but not DHCP and it doesn't seem to recognize cnames no matter what I do (newbie so I hope I'm using the term correctly. Example of this behavior would be that I have to use the direct IP of my unRAID server instead of the given name to access the webGUI). I seem to remember thinking that I may have set th
  12. Can anyone help me to correctly configure urbackup (and other involved dockers) such that a remote computer can be backed up to my unraid array via internet? Here's what I thought would work and tried so far: Used duckdns to create a subdomain for this use case (** Added this to my reverse proxy letsencrypt docker config under the subdomain variable (this letsencrypt reverse proxy setup already works for other services of mine) (THIS IS WHERE I THINK I GOT IT WRONG) Tried to copy other .conf file examples to create one for urbackup [copied a
  13. Hi, I have been running unraid with no issues for ~7 months now. I use a Ryzen 7 1700 with 2x8GB sticks of RAM (on QVL list for the mobo and XMP not enabled because it has stability issues). This morning around 8:30am Telegraf data shown in Grafana indicates that 8GBs of RAM was "lost". Unraid's dashboard still indicates 16GBs with usage around 37%. Has anyone seen this before? I would troubleshoot by restarting but I currently have a preclear operation running on 2 new disks that won't finish for another day or so. I don't know if I can pause and resume