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  1. Hi, i cant enable wifi in z390I with unraid, any way to do this?
  2. hi, when i put password for root user i cant connect to mariadb, and i have this error: Current charset is windows-1252. If password has been set using other charset, consider using option 'passwordCharacterEncoding', how to use this variable to setCharacterEncoding in docker?
  3. nice topic, when the server restarted the image is gone for me, any way to change this?
  4. i think the problem is solved, i just disabled bonding, and the problem is gone... =======EDIT============= Ok, the problem is not gone but its better now...
  5. my computer is in an itx case, so i don't have much space, i have some hard drives in a usb case, would that work? its possible to use only nvme with pass through?
  6. downloading in internet, dont matter software i use, in only windows system this nvme is very fast, no problem with 100% of usage when downloading a file, before creating this topic I did all the wiki procedures and tried several settings on the VM, none of them were successful!
  7. Thanks for help, it happen all time when a downloading a file, i attached diagnostics file! lkzserver-diagnostics-20200715-0737.zip
  8. Hi guys, i have this problem with my unraid, and i cant fix this, any way to solve this problem?
  9. ok thanks, my disk usage still 100% when a download...
  10. ok i finished wipe and format my nvme, i make a new installation of windows 10 and still a 100% of disk all time
  11. ok, thanks! I would like to ask one last question, how to customize the unraid boot screen?
  12. you mean wipe all nvme disk? or only vm windows 10?
  13. thanks for help, how to try beta25? i need to reinstall my windows vm?
  14. hello, I'm having problems with vms, it seems that they can't use all the speed of my nvme and when they start recording data with a download for example my disk has been at 100%, when installing windows i used the virtIO iso with the amd64 / w10 drive (Red Hat VirtIO SCSI Disk Device) , is there anything i can do to improve?
  15. Hi, any way to install emuelec in unraid? emuelec is based on coreElec but make for emulation station!
  16. Hello I met unraid just now and I am very happy about the possibilities, I intend to buy but I am having problems with the sound in the VMS, currently my configuration is: z390-I with i9 9900K and GTX 1070, but when I create the VMS they never has sound, I am attaching the diagnosis and posting some images of the errors that occur, could someone help me? Error when i creat VM: "internal error: qemu unexpectedly closed the monitor: 2020-07-12T18:07:38.832762Z qemu-system-x86_64: -device vfio-pci,host=0000:00:1f.3,id=hostdev0,bus=pci.2,addr=0x2: vfio 0000:00:1f.3: group 9 is not viable Please ensure all devices within the iommu_group are bound to their vfio bus driver." lkz-diagnostics-20200712-1500.zip