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  1. sinds the last update I have problems connection to docker container with a own ip on the remote network. - I can connect to the ip of the unraid server. - I can connect to other devices on the network. - I can NOT connect to containers with a other ip than the unraid server. - I can NOT connect to my windows 10 VM (on unraid) with RDC (vm was stopped) Under vpn settings / Routing I have "yes, using NAT" and under subnets the subnet of the internal remote network A few weeks ago it was al working without problems.
  2. is lan sync (--net="host") enabled? and is there a way to see the dropbox sync status on a easy way on a windows client. (syncin or syncing finished is enough) i see that linux by default watches changes over 10.000 folders. how is this in unraid? Monitoring more than 10,000 folders on Linux From Troubleshoot Dropbox syncing issues: The Linux version of the Dropbox desktop app is limited from monitoring more than 10,000 folders by default. Anything more than that is not watched and, therefore, ignored when syncing. There's an easy fix for this. Open a terminal and enter the following: echo fs.inotify.max_user_watches=100000 | sudo tee -a /etc/sysctl.conf; sudo sysctl -p This command will tell your system to watch up to 100,000 folders. Once the command is entered and you enter your password, Dropbox will immediately resume syncing.
  3. Hello, I am quit new to unraid and using dockers. At the moment I have a mariadb docker and a nginx with php 7.3 but I need apache with php 7.3 - As far as I can see there is not standard docker for this? - In some docker related forum, they talk about using 2 dockers for this, one apache one php... Is there someone who can puss me in the right direction. Running a webserver on a server looks like a very common thing to me....