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  1. Hi, I changed my CPU from 5700G -> 3900X. Now I get machine check event. Any idea what is the problem?
  2. Aug 9 09:03:26 Mastermind root: Error: Server was unable to provision SSL certificate
  3. Any idea why this docker is unhealthy? I tried to install it several times, everytime it is unhealthy (docker ps from console). Because it is unhealthy it does not work with traefik.
  4. Hi, I have used jellyfin before, but updated my homelab. So now I am testing this version of jellyfin, because I have AMD iGPU. I can connect to jelly via lan (IP) fine, but not via reverseproxy (public domain). With public domain I get message: "select server" and url is https://jellyfin.mydomain.com/web/index.html#!/selectserver.html I use nginx proxy manager and all other services work fine. I have activated "Allow remote connections to this server". Also I added custom variable to the tempalte: JELLYFIN_PublishedServerUrl, value: jellyfin.mydomain.com
  5. Hi, Sorry for the "useless" topic, but I need some reassurance. I have used unraid for some time now, learned a lot. My goal is the have one computer for a lot of different things. I run several services via docker like nginxproxymanager, mariadb, nginx, nextcloud, jellyfin, etc. Also I have couple of VM like pfsense, Home Assistant and Windows 10 (for games). I am about to upgrade my "homelab" and unraid does not support multiple arrays or zfs (officially) so I started to think. My current homelab is: Ryzen 7 2700 64GB memory 2x 4TB HDD 1x 1TB NVME 1x 256BB NVME 1x 128 GB SSD GTX 660 Ti. I was using 4TB drives as array and 1TB NVME for Windows VM. 256GB NVME was cache and 128 GB SDD was for backups. My new homelab is: Ryzen 7 5700G 64GB memory 2x 4TB HDD 2x 1TB NVME 1x 1TB SSD RTX 2060 TI My news CPU has GPU (Vega) and that is for transcoding with jellyfin. I still would like to use 2x 4TB as array for media. But what about everything els. If I could create another array I would create 2x 1TB NVME and use that for nextcloud, docker and other stuff. And 1x 1TB SSD is for Windows VM only and RTX 2060 TI also. I don't need backup of my Windows VM. But everyhing els I would like to backup, I know RAID is not a backup, but for now it is fine. With something like proxmox I can have multiple arrays, but I would have to learn a lot of new stuff. Any ideas?
  6. Like capt.shitface said in the quote that I used, we tried to use updater.phar via console. But it fails. docker exec -it nextcloud updater.phar Nextcloud Updater - version: v20.0.0beta4-11-g68fa0d4 Current version is 22.2.0. Update to Nextcloud 22.2.3 available. (channel: "stable") Following file will be downloaded automatically: https://download.nextcloud.com/server/releases/nextcloud-22.2.3.zip Open changelog ↗ Steps that will be executed: [ ] Check for expected files [ ] Check for write permissions [ ] Create backup [ ] Downloading [ ] Verify integrity [ ] Extracting [ ] Enable maintenance mode [ ] Replace entry points [ ] Delete old files [ ] Move new files in place [ ] Done Start update? [y/N] y Info: Pressing Ctrl-C will finish the currently running step and then stops the updater. [✔] Check for expected files [✔] Check for write permissions [✔] Create backup [✔] Downloading [✔] Verify integrity [ ] Extracting ...PHP Warning: require(/config/www/nextcloud/updater/../version.php): failed to open stream: No such file or directory in phar:///config/www/nextcloud/updater/updater.phar/lib/Updater.php on line 658 PHP Fatal error: require(): Failed opening required '/config/www/nextcloud/updater/../version.php' (include_path='.:/usr/share/php7') in phar:///config/www/nextcloud/updater/updater.phar/lib/Updater.php on line 658
  7. Problem was cloudflare, damn I'm stupid. It's fixed now. Thank you for you patience and great software!
  8. Thank you. For some reason this does not work. I have tried to edit add_header Strict-Transport-Security value for several different ways, but it does not seem to help. There is line in the config files that says: "# HSTS (ngx_http_headers_module is required)" I connected the docker and checked nginx -V and can't find that module. I need to add it?
  9. I'm too stupid to figure it out myself. I use NPN & Nextcloud, I use subdomain nextcloud. I get warning from nextcloud: "The "Strict-Transport-Security" HTTP header is not set to at least "15552000" seconds." I tried to add "add_header Strict-Transport-Security "max-age=15768000; includeSubDomains; preload;";" to Advanced-tab, but did not work. After that I noticed "Please note, that any add_header or set_header directives added here will not be used by nginx. You will have to add a custom location '/' and add the header in the custom config there." But I have subdomain, not "/".
  10. Thank you! manual-latest seems to work fine. https://registry.hub.docker.com/r/rix1337/docker-ripper/tags
  11. makemkvcon: error while loading shared libraries: libavcodec.so.58: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory
  12. libdriveio.so.0 libmakemkv.so.1 libmmbd.so.0
  13. I'm sorry, I don't know much about dockers and stuff like this. There was problem with the version 1.16.4 so I installed Ubuntu-Playground (via unraid). After that I used these instructions to install makemkv (1.16.5) and libraries. For some reason I did not get ripper.sh to work with my own docker so after you released 1.16.5 I tried it. But I had problems with missing libraries. I copied them manually from my docker. After that I noticed that your docker (1.16.5) does not include 'eject' command, so the ripper.sh did not work correctly. I manually downloaded the package from here and installed it with 'dpkg -i <deb file>' and now everything seems to work.
  14. Sorry, I don't know how to use github. I used rix1337/docker-ripper:1.16.5 from dockerhub. I added missing libraries manually and also missing 'eject': https://packages.debian.org/sid/eject Now it works. Thank you for this docker.