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  1. All works fine with the docker debian-buster and the attached files unfortunately it is not very efficient
  2. if you can leave it for a few days (with other launchers than steam)
  3. Yes all is right but in the use case it's not real efficient because you need to install wine prefix for each games and it's very long, you have right the proton approach it's more simple
  4. Also isn't ComicRack a GUI application for Windows? ==> Yes it's that I have build a docker with wine and winetricks because, to be precise, it's doesn't work with mono-gecko we need to install wintricks and dotnet45 (and other tools wmi corefonts wsh57 all installable in the container) in this case I can launch the application without error. In the docker I share a directory (where the comics are stocked) with the wine explorer application I don't have any problem to read the directory. But Comicrack can't read the same directory (she don't launch the files parser) it's for that I
  5. Have you tried Proton? Proton also works with other games that are not directly Steam. One sidenote, I would give it a differnt name than Game-Server since it's something to stream games to avoid confusion. I think something Game-Streaming-Container or something like that, but that's up to you. I will look into this. ==> Yes proton work well but I have some problem of compatibilities. In my use case i share a repertory where I have installed all the games it's more easy to start a docker than a windows VM. I thinks it's interesting to have a docker with all tools for g
  6. I think if you want to learn how to build a Docker Container it would be better to start with something simpler and not that complex, both Windows applications and also my Debian-Buster-Nvidia Container could be very complex for starters... Why not use the script itself and share it as a tutorial? ==> With pleasure : ==> My objectif it's to create a docker to run games in a container it's work well with Steam (outside the problem of controller) but i want to add lutris to launch more games https://github.
  7. Hi Thanks for your time to answer That should be no problem but you can also do this with a script at the container start. For more information feel free to contact me again. ==> Yes you had already explain that in the forum but it's also for me to understand how to build a docker (I had successfully build a container with a windows software called comicrack unfortunetaly I had an other error ) and maybe share with other users. I don't understand that completely... You want to build a fork of Debian-Buster Nvidia and use the Unrai
  8. Hi, I want to create a fork of your project debian-buster-nvidia to add lutris. But i have alway the same error when I build the dockerfile based on 'unraid-kernel-helper-plugin' : Could not perform immediate configuration on 'libnss-nis:amd64'. And i don't no why ... And thanks for your work it's very usefull
  9. Sorry I haven't read everything I understand, thank you to share your work it's very useful I search to do that since a long time.
  10. Thank you for the quick reply. You have right it didn't work at first but if I force the parameter of the game to use a specific version of proton it's work. Now I have an issue with controller,strangely it's work well with big picture interface but not in the games maybe I need do something like that ? Source :
  11. Hi, In first I want to thancks, I search for a long time to a docker image with nvidia drivers to do a stream games sever It's work well but it little bit limited about games that can I launch. I would to complete the docker with tools like wine, winetricks, .net etc ... but I don't understand well how to complete the docker with could you provide an example please ?