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  1. This was a great solution to my same problem. I am not sure how the problem occured in the 1st place. But the fixed has fixed it 🙂
  2. Hi All, I am complete novice, and thought that I would install and set up as per initial guide. I did this with very limited success. Due to my demographics it is frequent that we get internet outages for long periods. Today was one such day where it was down for just over 12hrs. I happened to be at home, and was able to watch movies via plex that are on my server no problem and access all the shares. But I could not log on to the server until the internet was back up and running. Everytime i entered the normal 10.0.0. address in it now automatically tries to search for anther address that looks similar to this now https://b6b1450cd5073fc3e0a82d0a398c0.unraid.net/Apps. How can I stop this adding this I am thinking that i should uninstall what i did in the guide but unsure how.... I know this may be a vague outline of my problem but not sure what is going on to explain more. TYIA
  3. So being a real newbie, with no real idea how to do scripts etc, so not wanting to have to delve into that level to get things to work. I am looking at the i5 10 gen and reading these post it looks like things are not working to well with unraid at the moment? Again like most I am wanting to build a system to mainly use as a plex server. I wont require much more than 2 - 4 transcodes. I think i may get interested in dockers esp radarr/sonarr/sab etc. and if i get brave some VM to maybe run windows. I am not a gamer, and would look for around capacity to have about 10 drives +. Need suggestions of complete setup......I am looking at a budget of about AUD$2k... this will not include storage drives, but cache nvem drives. Any help in suggestions...I am hearing intel is better than amd for ease of off the shelf working.
  4. Am just starting out on this route, and K1ngJony am just looking for the same sort of build and useage. Mainly want it for a NAS and plex server. And maybe a VM of windows. Am in Australia also so very keen on what you find.