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  1. I'm wondering if something recently broke in terms of viewing photos? For some reason Emby is no longer view the jpgs in my photos folder. It was last working a few weeks far as I recall. I checked the docker config and it's still set to /mnt/user/Photos/ Container path is /Photos If I go to the Emby Server library and check the config it's still set to /Photos I reran an scan of the library. I can see the subfolders for my trips but each subfolder shows no files. They are all jpg. I even created a new library using /Photos and same thing. On the unraid tower shares tab and click Photos I can see the subfolders and if I click the subfolders it does see the jpgs. All my other libraries for music and tv shows which follow the exact same structure all still work oddly. I am running emby server I even restared the docker. Am I missing something?
  2. Not sure why but today all my dockers are showing version is not available. They are working though. I tried restarting them but same issue. Not sure why...
  3. I went from preview, then removed the preview tag. It seemed to update or reinstall but It lost all my settings. So I removed and reinstalled and it installed V3 and all my settings came back. But all is working now.
  4. Ok, now this is weird. I was playing around again this morning and tried putting in the ip of deluge for the bypass...for the 20th time...and now it works...I have no idea why lol BUT I'll take it. Thanks for the assistance. Very much appreciated! EDIT: One question. The IP I am using for the bypass is what you listed above but it's the same ip for deluge, radar, sonarr. The only difference is the port. Do I have that correct?
  5. Ok, put in the ip I am using for delugevpn into Chrome and I did get a diff ip and am able to browse the web. So, I know that works at least.
  6. I'm hoping someone can take a look at my log file to see why I can't use the proxy anymore. I just can't figure this out. In Sonarr I see a message that indicates it can't connect to deluge, the operation timed out. sonarr.debug.txt
  7. I'm wondering if I should install privoxyVPN. I'll take a look at it.
  8. You are correct. I am using Binhex's DelugeVPN, with Sonarr and Jacket. I have Delugevpn setup to use my airvpn account. I'm not sure how to point my browser to the proxy as I'm not sure what exactly that IP is. Which IP should I be using? Problem is I just configure my stuff and use it and don't really poke around here....until something goes wrong and then at that point so much has changed I can never really figure everything all out.
  9. To be honest with you, I don't even know what privoxy is. I just know things were working and now arent. I can get it working by disabling the proxy in Sonarr, but really hate doing that. But I guess I will do so for now
  10. I see there was an update to the docker. I removed the preview tag and restarted. Then updated the docker. Now under dockers. Sonarr is showing Unavailable for the version. Sonarr is working though...just wondering if I did something wrong or if this is normal?
  11. I was grabbing shows daily right up until the upgrade to V3. I had upgraded the containers the day before and was able to download. Sonarr stopped working (still using version 2) when V3 was released. Then read about the preview tag for version 3 and so tried that. Still didn't working until I disabled the proxy.
  12. Didn't work. I assume for ip of download client, that would be deluge vpn and the ip is what I see on the docker tab for deluge. I tried with and without the port but didn't work. As soon as I uncheck Use Proxy it works.
  13. Hi, hoping to get some assistance with Sonarr. Since the upgrade to 3.0 Sonarr has stopped working I use Jacket, Sonarr and DelugeVPN and Airvpn I had in the settings area for Proxy, checked. Then https, hostname and port filled out, then bypass proxy for local addresses. This worked fine until version 3. In reading posts above, I applied the preview tag. However, Sonarr still didn't work. So I uncheck the Proxy box and restarted and Sonarr now works. How do I get my proxy to work? Is what I had configured no longer a viable option and I have to find a diff solution? Thanks in advance.