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  1. I don't recall what model, but it was a WD 1TB I see this in my server GUI WDC WDS100T2B0A-00SM50, 201891804116, 401020WD, max UDMA/133 Still no problems and running smoothly
  2. Hi, problem went away after replacing my drive with a new ssd. Haven't had any problems since.
  3. Just wondering if there's going to be a version 3 update at some point? There's some functionality in version 3 that's not in 2 that I woud like to have...just curious... Is there a way I can keep version 2 and try version 3 preview? if so, how would i go about doing so?
  4. I ended up copying everything over manually and it seems to have done the trick
  5. I ended up uninstalling and reinstalling. Solved the issue
  6. That's what's odd. I already googled it and did a drop database nextclout but it didn't do anything
  7. How does one delete a database? I had put in the following typo by accident create database if not exists nextclout I realized my mistake and did it correctly and named it nextcloud but I'm guessing I now have 2 databases created and would like to remove the nextclout.
  8. Ran into a slight problem. Previous to replacing my cache drive and damaging my usb flash I did a backup of my appdata via community backup and restore. When I now go into Restore to restore my appdata, it doesn't show up. How do I restore the appdata? Can I just manually copy it over or does it have to be done via restore?
  9. Oddly enough I didn't back up the flash drive. I selected no for flash when I did the backup. I'm kicking myself for not selecting yes. Anyhow I'm sort of backup. My new ssd cache drive is coming up Unmountable: Unsupported partition layout Not sure what how to resolve this....any idea? Edit: Nevermind, just noticed I didnt' scroll down far enough...formatting it now..
  10. Just want to add that I do have a recent diagnostics zip file from last week. Can I just copy that folder from the zip file to the new flash drive?
  11. I accidentally damaged my usb flash drive and replaced it. Once I get my license issue resolved what's the best way to restore my dockers. Just before my flash drive was damaged, I was in the process of replacing my cache drive, I backed up the app data via the community plugin backup/restore. When I was opening up my server to replace the drive, I accidently hit the back of the server..or more specifically hit the flash drive which broke it. I never backed up my flash drive but have an older copy of it which has the config folder...which may be a bit out of date....should I start from scratch or copy that folder over? Do I start up the server and assign the new drive to the cache, then start the array? Then do a restore of my app data using the community plugin back up and restore? After that should I go to the install previous plugs and reinstall all my dockers? Not sure the exact process. I have an older copy
  12. I managed to use the manual method to make the bootable flash. What files or folders do i need to copy from my old USB to the new one? Do I just copy the config folder over?
  13. I bought new usb flash, a sandisk 32mb Ultra. When I run the makeboot, it doesn't see the flash. Do I need to format it first with windows?
  14. Is there a way to request a license from within the server? I thought that's how I did it last time. I'm pretty sure it was within the last 6months but not entirely sure.
  15. I'm not sure what that means. If my usb was replaced say 3 months ago and now I damaged the new one, what does that mean?