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  1. Also not getting Big Sur here. I have removed the VM, removed the docker image, removed ovmfs, iso, macinabox folders in app data, template, etc.... Always get Catalina eventhough the .img is called Big Sur. I feel like server side is giving Catalina instead of Big Sur, then during the process the .img is renamed Big Sur.
  2. I know (for me) I use the UniFi controller for my internal networks, but I also need to forward ports separately inside my EdgeRouter (because the UniFi controller doesn't push settings to EdgeRouters). Other than that, I would try to use a different port and see what happens, we know 8222 works...So SOMETHING is working... is 8222 accessable externally?
  3. I was able to configure VLANs on my EdgeRouter and UniFi USW-24 as of today. All dockers and VMs have been placed on their own VLAN/Subnet, so we'll see, it sounds like that was likely causing my macvlan/lockups issue, so here's hoping! Thanks again for the help!
  4. Welp... Something odd happened... I did as you suggested, and when I hit apply, the server went down (as you would expect with the network stack reset), but once Unraid was back, it had lost ALL its network settings... (Static address, MTU, gateway, DNS, VLANs...Everything) So I put them all back in, including the VLANs again, then applied. Now that seems to have fixed my issue, I activated VMs and Docker again, and put in their ranges, and now I see br0.4 and br0.5 So...I guess that's fixed...? LOL Now to see if the underlying issue
  5. Changing those two settings does NOT give me br0.4 or br0.5 in my containers
  6. Looks pretty darn close other than the subnet, and the missing BR interfaces in the containers... I guess I have different settings for Host access to custom network and preserve user defined networks...
  7. Thanks again for the help. Well... I created the VLANs (4 for VMs and 5 for dockers) added them to my EdgeRouter and My UniFi Controller, added them to my Unraid network config. I can see the routes created in the network settings, I can select them in the Settings>Enable Docker>Advanced, but if I uncheck my br0 interface and check my VLAN5 interface, "custom:brx" is not longer an option when I edit the docker container... So it seems I have a whole other problem now... (Going into the settings>docker and selecting the br0 interface there, 'fixes' the issue, as
  8. Yeah I don't blame them (Unraid dev team) for it, I understand that it's an issue to do with some people's setups, I was just hoping that it would be fixed until I saw you have had the issue for 2 years... I asked in the other post as well...(yours from 2 years ago, that was linked) When you say creating a new VLAN, you mean go into my EdgeRouter, add a new pool, then assign the docker images IPs in that pool, right? how do I create a new BR that uses that pool? Is there a youtube video on that or anything? I couldn't find a SpaceinvaderOne video...
  9. Sorry to resurrect this topic, but I am also having this issue... I am seeing a lot of UniFi docker containers in screenshots and traces. Does everyone with this issue have Ubiquiti/UniFi equipment? Could that be our issue? Can someone please explain the steps to implement the "fix" (creating a new VLAN to register the Docker container's static IPs to). Are we saying I need to create a new "Pool" of IPs on my EdgeRouter for use only with the containers, or is this a config change only on the Unraid side? (Sorry, still kind of an Unraid n00b here). Thanks in advance.
  10. Thanks for the reply. This is my issue for sure. It seems really weird to me that you cant do something as simple as setup a static IP for a docker container without causing this crashing... And it's been around since 6.5.0? Doesnt really give me a lot of confidence in the next verison fixing this issue.
  11. Hi everyone: I am new(ish) to Unraid (been running for about 4 months now) I have managed to fix some issues over the past few months with a lot the the forum posts, etc. However, I'm not able to find anything about my current problem... I'm not sure if I am dealing with several problems, or just one recurring problem that has different outcomes. Basically, sometimes a docker container will randomly crash. Sometimes Unraid will become unresponsive, I am unable to get to the GUI, and/or CLI and sometimes I cannot even ping my server. (So I am forced to force power down/reset) and
  12. Hi Everyone: I am currently having issues with Sonarr and Radarr connecting to qBitTorrent, not sure if it's a problem with them or QBT, although I suspect it's QBT (since Sonarr and Radarr both used to work, then they suddently stopped working with Qbittorrent, but NZBGet still works. I hope someone can help me, Google can't find anything on this: I tried removing and pulling down the QBT container again, same issue, when I try to add the download client to sonarr or radarr, it wont. I get the following error: Unable to test qBittorrent: Invalid character after parsing p