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  1. I have tried to install this by adding the templates to my docker configuration but it does not work. Anybody managed to install this recently?
  2. Hi, I have decided to ditch the old Apache plugin since it seem to crash on 6.2. I have tried to add the following two repos (1 at a time) that contain an Apache docker, but after saving the change, the docker list is not updated. I can see my docker that were migrated from 6.1. What am I doing wrong? https://github.com/linuxserver/docker-templates https://github.com/chvb/docker-templates Thanks
  3. I didnt realise it was a plugin, it thought it was built in! I am off that that thread then, thanks
  4. all sorted, apparently Deluge now wants an additional parameter (VPN_PROTOCOL) I am on the my next problem, the built in web server does not want to start: apache: /usr/sbin/httpd: error while loading shared libraries: libsasl2.so.2: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory This one looks more like a system issue. I know I could install a docker but I only need to share one file within my lan on http so the built in HTTP suits me perfectly. Thanks for the help!
  5. I had not, got used to just upgrade over the years! Ok, I did re-create the Docker image file, worked for all but one docker, deluge. It just does not want to start. Docker.log does not show any error, the WEBGUI says it is started but it clearly isn't. Deluge.log is empty as well.Where do I start looking?
  6. It seems like the WebGUI is now responded several hours later, the loop0 process has stopped, so I guess it was fixing/upgrading something on my array that blocked the GUI. But now my docker is not starting. docker.log says: level=fatal msg="Error starting daemon: chmod /var/lib/docker: no space left on device"
  7. Here it is synotower-diagnostics-20161204-1913.zip
  8. Should I post it here, nothing confidential in there?
  9. Hi, I have just upgraded, but after the reboot I have no webGUI. I can SSH and the array is up. emhttp is running as well, but the main processes taking CPU are loop0 (about 15%), find (on & off) and docker (2%). What could have gone wrong?
  10. ok so transmission is running but you havent defined any incoming ports for it on your router?. Correct, it must be working properly with UPNP because both UP and DOWN speeds are saturating my broadband
  11. To be honest I don know what it the problem, not convinced it is port forwarding as I do get the odd connection. I have a server next to my UNRAID NAS that is running a transmission server and that one runs full speed on upload, so I know seeding should be working on the current torrents but somehow Deluge/Docker is not.
  12. Its mapped from 58846 in container to 58845 in the host so I believe it is right, no? (see my UNRAID docker setup in screenshot)
  13. Still no luck. Here is my config:
  14. Understood, tx. So you unselect upnp and NT PMP? What about the other network extras? I am confused about those outgoing ports, how will they ever work if they are not forwarded in the router? To be clear, I have very good download speeds, it is the seeding that does not work properly. I can see lots of peers, I get the odd connection for a few seconds getting a few KB's and then they vanish