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  1. I would make a backup of current passwords, delete the container and start a new one. Then just import the passwords to the new container.
  2. I'm not sure this was the corect way (the tutorial you mentioned). If you would come to the forum you would found the tutorial how to update.
  3. Is this a general question or specific to vaulwarden and in the relation of using proxy manager. If the latter then it depends what proxy manager are you using. I can help you with Nginx Proxy Manager which is rather simple and straightforward.
  4. How did you install Vaultwarden, via template or docker-compose?
  5. I don't own an ios device but on Bitwarden Android mobile app you press 3 dots in the up right corner and press sync.
  6. I don't think it differs from SMTP_FROM. I think this is address from which emails are sent from, if configured correctly.
  7. Are your SMTP email settings corectly configured in Admin panel, did you test it (test SMTP on the bottom)? Do you have send invitations enabled?
  8. Also don't forget to add additional layer of security - 2FA
  9. Are these settings in the config file or admin panel. Didn't check both for a long time, that's why I'm asking (where to look).
  10. SQLite is enough for personal use. If you have a huge database of passwords, secure notes etc., many users and use organizations, maybe then you would need some other more powerful SQL app.
  11. Cloudflare itself has a DDoS protection activated. If you mean DDoS under Firewall settings in Cloudflare, no, I don't have this activated.
  12. I'm using Cloudflare, but never experienced this.
  13. I hope you didn't just use the LOG IN tab or something similar offered when you opened the newly installed bitwarden app on your mobile device. You have to click on the settings cog (upper left corner) and enter your self hosted server url first, save it and then try to log in. Did you try that?
  14. I'm a bit late with replies due to vacations. Did you manage to resolve the issue. If not please provide wider explanation what is working and what not.