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  1. Check Recommended Posts (all the way up of this thread), you need to change the repository.
  2. You have 2FA as added security, just activate it. If you are using Cloudflare with Reverse Proxy and master password with all kind of characters (numbers, upper and lower letters, special characters) and at least 14 characters long you are pretty secure. In my opinion 14+ characters and 2FA should be sufficient for this kind of app (+admin portal accesible only from LAN, not from the internet).
  3. That is a great idea. I would also be very much interested in this.
  4. The only one I could remember is Spaceinvader One on YouTube.
  5. I hope you have a backup of your login details and other valued stuff stored somewhere, so I would recommend to delete everything and build from scratch and import to the new vaultwarden app. Also be carefull and don't forget to login to your admin page (with created token) and do not allow signups.
  6. Did you remove and reinstall the app again? Seems like your uuid has changed. Did you try to manually enter some data in the database?
  7. Well, I don't think it's designed to work like that and it simply doesn't allow unsecure connections. Maybe it could work with self signed certificate, but I cannot confirm this even works. It is intented to work only via https. I understand you are worried about security and wants to access Vaultwarden via LAN only, either through VPN, Proxy etc. But if you set it up correctly (reverse proxy, Cloudflare, valid certifikate, etc.) and use 2FA you are doing everything to mitigate that risk. But like I said I understand some people doesn't want to expose their Vaultwarden to the internet but maybe someone else could provide you with assistance doing that. I never tried but I think it's doable. Sorry, this is not much help to you but maybe someone else can provide some assistance.
  8. You need to access Vaultwarden via secure connection with a valid certificate, that's it. It won't allow you to connect to it via http.
  9. Didn't want to open another thread since I fit the category. My unRaid server froze during the night, couldn't login, couldn't SSH, I did a restart, parity check started and everything is back to normal. I had some memory module isues before and after aprox. 1 year later server froze again. My motherboard is ASUSTeK COMPUTER INC. Z10PA-D8 Series, Version Rev 1.xx. Can someone please check my diags file and provide some info what could be wrong. Thank you. unrsrv-diagnostics-20220118-1640.zip
  10. Try with this: https://github.com/dani-garcia/vaultwarden/wiki/Running-without-WAL-enabled
  11. Open an extension (Chrome), click on the cog wheel (upper right) and enter your server URL under SELF-HOSTED ENVIRONMENT, then click on the login and enter your credentials. Do the same with your android app.
  12. Have no more ideas. Where does SWAG keeping the certs, maybe worth checking. Or you need to enable something there, just guessing. I don't use it, prefer Nginx Proxy Manager.
  13. Obviously, otherwise it would allow HTTP connections. This implementaion is forcing all connections to use TLS.
  14. I think your problem is here. Did you try to completely delete the android app and install it again or at least delete the apps cache?