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  1. Many thanks to @yinzer for making an initial guide and @HojojojoWololo for the update. I have successfuly created a working Matrix and Element-web docker with Nginx Proxy Manager. I have a few questions but first let me introduce this guide how to become an administrator of your own server. This gide is provided by BRIAN MCGONAGILL and you can find the whole article on his webpage: Open terminal and go to your appdata matrix folder (mine is in /mnt/user/appdata/matrix Now we need to get into the sqlite shell for the file homeserver.db. So we use the command sqlite
  2. Thanks @bytchslappa for the heads up. Everyone using a User Script for Nvidia GPU Power State just edit the script to: #!/bin/bash nvidia-persistenced fuser -v /dev/nvidia* and leave the schedulle At first Array start only unchanged.
  3. So you don't own a domain and you don't use Nginx Proxy Manager? If that's the case then I understand. Otherwise you can make use of Bitwarden way better.
  4. You can access Bitwarden server through the browser by entering local IPaddress:port assigned by unRAID. Don't know if Android app and browser extension works with local IP. I don't know why you don't use Nginx Proxy Manager, it's very safe if you own a domain name and use it with Let's Encrypt certificate. To double your security you should enable two factor authentication. You don't need to forward any ports with Nginx Proxy Manager in your Router (except the ones used by NPM). Also for local access you don't need any port forwarding. No, this is done th
  5. How does network reset reflect to vms and docker containers. Are network settings there affected in any way?
  6. # Proxy! include conf.d/include/proxy.conf; } location /admin { return 404; } # Custom include /data/nginx/custom/server_proxy[.]conf; } I did it like this and it's working great. When I access admin page through the internet (with domain) I get 404 error, when I do it through local address I can access it just fine. And yes, I'm using Nginx Proxy Manager.
  7. Yes, I'm doing some tests with OPNsense and XPEnology VMs and would like to passthrough the card with physical NICs (don't want to use virtual, since I have the network card I can use)
  8. I'm gonna ask here since search on the forum didn't bring anything related to my question. I'm on v6.9.1 stable Is it still the correct way to reset pci network card and add this command "vfio-pci.ids=8086:105e" to syslinux config file and then reboot the server so changes can take effect. This is the network card with 2 eth NICs IOMMU group 47:[8086:105e] 01:00.0 Ethernet controller: Intel Corporation 82571EB/82571GB Gigabit Ethernet Controller D0/D1 (copper applications) (rev 06) IOMMU group 48:[8086:105e] 01:00.1 Ethernet controller: Intel Corporation 82571
  9. Hi all. I would like to try and install XPEnology as a VM on unRAID. I will do a passthrough of 2 HDDs and a PCI card with 2 network interfaces. My question is what do I need to change in synoboot.img file. Just the serial number and NIC MAC address? What about VID and PID? Can I leave those as is? Anything else worth mentioning? EDIT: Successfully installed. No VID, PID change required Followed the thread on xpenology forum
  10. +1, hopefully new release will fix this.
  11. Thanks for answering. Is it fair to assume it will be somewhere in the near future?
  12. Hi, has anyone tried to implement (or know how to do it) bitwarden send on your self hosted app. It's a very usefull feature if you need to send passwords to someone.
  13. Yeap, that did the trick. No parity check after changing the disk timeout setting. What do you think caused this. Is it v6.9.0 related?
  14. Hmm..... this is something new for me. Where can I change that and to what value.
  15. Here is the diags file unrsrv-diagnostics-20210307-1236.zip