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  1. Try with this: https://github.com/dani-garcia/vaultwarden/wiki/Running-without-WAL-enabled
  2. Open an extension (Chrome), click on the cog wheel (upper right) and enter your server URL under SELF-HOSTED ENVIRONMENT, then click on the login and enter your credentials. Do the same with your android app.
  3. Have no more ideas. Where does SWAG keeping the certs, maybe worth checking. Or you need to enable something there, just guessing. I don't use it, prefer Nginx Proxy Manager.
  4. Obviously, otherwise it would allow HTTP connections. This implementaion is forcing all connections to use TLS.
  5. I think your problem is here. Did you try to completely delete the android app and install it again or at least delete the apps cache?
  6. You have a good video with a guide how to do a few posts up. You can also search YT or internet for more guides. I'm sure you can do it 👍. But you can always post questions here, I'll try to help.
  7. I understand your frustration. You only used Vaultwarden in LAN and if you need it from outside you used VPN. I'm not sure if local access could be established with self signed certificate, just because I never tried that option. I would warmly suggest you to buy a domain (it's very cheap) and that is the only cost. All in all you can use your domain, e. g. subdomain for other access also (emby, plex, nas, blog, website .... you name it), it's usefull. Setup Nginx Proxy Manager container, connect your domain to Clouflare and you are preety safe. It's not so hard to do, it really isn't. Not to mention Let's Encrypt certs are also free.
  8. Yes you can, but in that case it's more exposed to possible "attacks". You should open port(s) on your endpoint but if you use NPM you don't. I would still consider using Cloudflare DNS and add aditional layer of security. If not selfhosted you could also run it in the VPS, but then you should protect the acces to that VPS properly. There are many options, consider finding what suits you best and most secure.
  9. It could be with self signed certificate, properly imported to Vaultwarden. Since you're not tech savvy as you said, try to find videos on You Tube how to setup Nginx Proxy Manager. You also need your own domain, which later could be added to Cloudflare to boost security, using their DNS service. Watch this video, might be very helpfull. If you need additional support just ask, but do your "homework" first, please.
  10. Was the backup recent (1 or 2 days old) or older?
  11. Just curious, did you do something with the container (edit the template, restart, update etc.) or it just happened randomly?
  12. Didn't try yet. I would probably do a backup of the whole database (SQL or whatever you're using).
  13. Just go to Settings >> Tools >> Export Vault and you are good to go
  14. Looks normal, but missing some rows. For some reason it doesn't start or it's stuck. I'm out of ideas. I would make a passwords backup, delete current container and make a new one and then import your passwords.
  15. No worries, upload logs (left clink on bitwardenrs icon>>logs>>copy and paste here), maybe something is there that could help us solve this. In worst case scenario, you'll make a backup of your passwords, delete current container and make a new one and then just import your passwords.
  16. Hmm, can you access the log files. Post them here if you can.
  17. OK, try to left click on the name of the container, not the icon. That should show you the template and try to change the repository there.
  18. I would make a backup of current passwords, delete the container and start a new one. Then just import the passwords to the new container.
  19. I'm not sure this was the corect way (the tutorial you mentioned). If you would come to the forum you would found the tutorial how to update.
  20. Is this a general question or specific to vaulwarden and in the relation of using proxy manager. If the latter then it depends what proxy manager are you using. I can help you with Nginx Proxy Manager which is rather simple and straightforward.
  21. How did you install Vaultwarden, via template or docker-compose?
  22. I don't own an ios device but on Bitwarden Android mobile app you press 3 dots in the up right corner and press sync.
  23. I don't think it differs from SMTP_FROM. I think this is address from which emails are sent from, if configured correctly.
  24. Are your SMTP email settings corectly configured in Admin panel, did you test it (test SMTP on the bottom)? Do you have send invitations enabled?
  25. Also don't forget to add additional layer of security - 2FA