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  1. I have UnRAID & a Win10 VM that has very slow write speed from the vdisk to any shares, even with cache turned on on the share. Vdisk is also on the cache (500GB Samsung EVO) I only get 35-40MB/s max, but it ebbs & flows from max all the way down to stalling out completely. Transfers usually look like rounded hills, ramping up, then fading to 0MB/s, then repeat. Sometimes it will start out at 150MB/s or more, but drops off rapidly. Is this par for the course, or do I have something setup incorrectly? Would adding a 2nd SSD for the vdisk fix this? (should I
  2. I followed the Plex instructions & it worked - going from Win7 to LSIO docker. Basically copy the library folders & paste into the new server. Some of the 'recently added' got a little out of order, but all my watched/unwatched transferred over, which was what I really wanted.
  3. YGBSM. I tried everything I could think of to get the damn thing to work before posting here so I wouldn't feel dumb when someone pointed out the answer. And you suggest, correctly, that I need to use electrical tape. I guess duct tape (or electrical tape) and zip ties make the world go 'round. At least I work for an automotive wire harness company - toughest choice was what color tape to grab out of the ~10k rolls in my junk room. I chose gray fire-resistant - it sticks to damn near anything. Many thanks. after 2 months of fighting me, this thing is finally fa
  4. I have 2x M1115 cards which work just like M1015 (used same flashing instructions/files). When I install in new server it won't POST. Asus Maximus VIII Hero I5-6500 4x4GB RAM 500GB SSD (SSung EVO) 2x 6TB Toshiba 1x 4TB WD Red RX460 passthrough to win10VM Unraid 6.3.5 Plex Docker, community apps are the only 2 other things running Computer has been rock-solid, other than this issue & some VM oddities. -MB LED Q-Code stops at 16 - 'Pre-memory system agent is started' -If I clear CMOS, it stops at 55 - 'memory not
  5. I have: Stubbed out all 5 PCI addresses in syslinux checked both the USB3 & SATA in the VM config page BR drive shows up in win 10, Device manager recognizes proper DR Model, recognizes a disk (DVD & CD audio), I can see the files in explorer, but I cannot PLAY anything. MakeMKV says it cannot find an optical disk it can use. Google says this controller doesn't play nice with Optical drives. bought this & a USB/SATA adapter that both don't work. geeesh.
  6. OK, so it was fully hung up. shutdown -h now via ssh failed, so I did what I should have done first thing - held the power button down. Now it somewhat works - USB & SATA controller show up in the 'edit' page of the VM. I was going to make a change to overwrite the xml... SATA BR Drive shows up in windows, but I can't read data from the disk - the folder structure works, but I can't access files - do I need vertio drivers? ETA - thanks Bob, thought I'd try comma first, but hadn't killed power yet.
  7. I want to add Bluray drives to my Win10 VM for ripping. Tried a couple methods that didn't work, so I bought a PCI-E x1 card that has 4x USB3.0 & 2x SATA. I want to pass through the whole controller. Currently, I've tried the <hostdev> method from here Simpler / Easier PCI Device Pass Through for NON-GPUs There were 5 devices & I was suspect about not seperating IOMMU groups, but I tried it anyway - now Unraid webgui is unresponsive (chrome shows 'waiting for 192....' I can SSH in & SMB shares are still functioning. Going to reboot using ssh. I h
  8. Well, 22hrs & 4TB of data transferred later, it looks like a crappy powerstrip/surge protector might have been the issue. Either that or my server knows I made this thread & is screwing with me.
  9. I checked logs when it happened last time & couldn't see any trace. I thought they were cleared on reboot (I'm a bit dumb in this area). Attached are from after a hard reset.
  10. I'm having an issue where UnRAID becomes unresponsive, as well as my entire network loses connectivity. Ping unresponsive on multiple (probably all) devices connected to the router. Remove network cable from UnRAID box & everything goes back to normal instantly (or as fast as I can run over to a PC & check). Plug it back in, everything fails. yellow LED on UnRAID ethernet adapter is flashing steadily/slowly - green is activity, it is solid. Even after removing the ethernet cable, UnRAID seems frozen. Power button doesn't respond, have to cut power (hold button or unplug AC)
  11. I'm finally replacing my "server" (Win7+Flexraid) with Unraid. My intention was to do this 6-7 years ago when my friend & I split a 2-key license. His is still running 4.7 rock solid. Primary Uses: File server for Movies (BluRay/DVD/DL), TV (.mkv) & music Plex Server (probably docker) Win10 VM (MakeMKV, MediaCenterMaster, General surfing/office duties, light fusion360 CAD use) Future: OwnCloud/nextcloud/backup Couchpotato Headphones We'll see how it performs & add uses as CPU/stability permit. I bought Asrock
  12. My last VM must have been possessed. DL'd the creator's update iso & everything is running smoothly (except the crappy keyboard I was using stopped responding after about an hour, but I think the USB cable wss smashed). It's cranking away at 78 DVD rips compressing them to H265 - if it survives that, there's 1000+ more to try & kill it. Thank you for the help.
  13. Thanks for you patience. Your initial solution worked, I just wasn't smart enough to know it. I wasn't trying to start the VM, only changing the syslinux.cfg, rebooting & checking to see if the audio moved out of the group.... It is working with both ACS on & off now. (turned it off since it doesn't need to be on). my syslinux.cfg is now identical to yours. Now I just need to figure out video output. I've tried VGA, DVI & HDMI - the monitor will show unRaid booting, then the terminal (login prompt). When I start the VM, screen goes blank 'no input' and never come
  14. The gfx did get set back to pcie as primary - thanks for reminding me. It is booting into normal Unraid mode now (boots with your syslinux.cfg & my previous one). Blew up the USB key & any data on the drives. I haven't tried to re-install the VM yet, but I've tried all permutations of ACS & PCI-Sub/VFIO-PCI combinations on this page & none have moved the audio out of IOMMU Group 8 (I assume the change will show up in tools/system devices?) Prior to blowing up the Unraid, the VM was acting fine (Via RDP, still no video via HDMI->VGA adapter or VGA) &
  15. I tried your syslinux.cfg - no luck (w & w/o the modprobe part) also turned ACS override on - no luck either. Flashed the newest BIOS, still no luck. Got it booting into reg UnRAID after nuking the key & starting from scratch.