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  1. That's the message I was hoping for. I'll have something to do this weekend. And of course: always keep a backup 😉 Thanks
  2. Can anyone provide an answer? I currently have a docker.img somewhere on my server and I would like to migrate to a share. Running Unraid 6.9.2. docker.img is currently on the array. A share for docker has been created and set to use cache only (1TB SSD, mirrored) Hope someone can help me out with keeping all data and settings, running some apps and databases that need to be kept thanks in advance
  3. Take a look at this thread: You need the full tag in order for it to work (amd64- Google is your friend as always I'm rolling back aswell, just trying something. If prerolls are working, I'll make a post at the plex community hoping the issue will be resolved somewhere in the future. Keep in mind the fixing of issues is not important to plex... LG buffer issue took over a year Please keep in mind that the version you called does not exist on docker hub. enter a correct value to downgrade your image https://hub.docker.com/r/linuxserver/plex/tags?page=3&ordering=last_updated
  4. Prerolls.. Does anyone else have issues with them? Mine just stopped working a couple of weeks ago. I currently have a playlist of 50 (more in total, but there are some seasonal prerolls), randomly playing (or at least playeD in the past) one before each movie. All mp4, placed in a seperate folder on my plex SSD for instant access. Is this a container issue or a common plex issue?
  5. Figured it out. Turns out that a MAC adress changes on a VM somehow. Had everything configured to look for IP 24 which whas bound by MAC adress. When the MAC doesn't exist in my scope, the machine is assigned an adress from the DHCP pool 😩 Kicked in a static IP in my VM and all is working like a charm. Thanks for your reply
  6. This might have been asked before. In that case: sorry 😅 I'm running NPM on my unraid server. I'm also running a VM which is serving my access control to my house. This platform is web-based. Is there a way to point <sub.domain.ext> to a site that is not running on my custom docker network? It is http traffic on a fixed IP for the VM. Tried some stuff allready, pointing to IP or hostname, pushing buttons and sliding sliders but all I get is errors.
  7. Are you using DHCP for your plex with remote acces or internally only? Don't recommend DHCP because of portforwarding. Plex really needs 32400 (if not manually changed)
  8. You should. I've migrated from swag to nginx a couple of months ago because in my opinion the management is way easier that way. As soon as I added plex (and made the dns entry on my domain of course) all worked like a charm.
  9. Let's hope they fix it a bit faster than last time. Took them about a year 😒
  10. Hi all, Last year we, the LG TV owners, ran into an issue with playback while transcoding with subtitles. There were extreme buffer issues, the only option for a while was running an old server version (1.16.x or older). Earlier this year the issue was solved. Today I noticed that the issue might have returned in a worse way. Playing a 1080p h264 file @ direct play just froze a couple of minutes into the movie. Forcing transcode didn't change a thing. Upgrading to 4K HDR made things worse. After downgrading the docker image from to the issue cleared. 4K HDR h265 playback with subs was smooth as butter. Could it be something went wrong (failed line of text or so) while compiling a docker image? I'm running unraid 3.9.2 Currently plex transcoding is handled by Quadro M4000
  11. Done some testing, and indeed seems to be some kind of plex issue. Direct play freezes even more 🤔 Thanks for your quick response. I'll take this issue to linuxserver
  12. Does anyone have issues with the GPU memory? My M4000 floods and won't empty. Transcoding movies freeze for a couple of seconds and then resume. Re-freeze within 20 seconds and repeat. Just stopped my movie and it took about a minute before the GPU started to flush the memory. In my opinion this shouldn't happen when there's only one stream playing. Especially when you realize the M4K can handle at least 20 streams
  13. I'm leaving it in the middle for now. Preclear was doing a post read, pre-read was error free. Data rebuild is going at this moment, I'm leaving a main tab open on one of my machines to track what will happen. I'll keep you posted 👍
  14. My server froze again. All went well for a couple of days, no real load. Just preclearing 14TB and serving some plex. I didn't leave the main tab open, but i did have a preclear progress screen open on one of my machines. Preclear indicates that the server froze 61:33:11 into the job. Unfortunately I cant get any logs (different than posted earlier), the complete server is unresponsive. No SSH, no GUI terminal. Total uptime according to docker GUI screen has been 2 days and a couple of hours (about the same as the preclear job)
  15. I've got a disabled 8TB Seagate SMR drive. Been meaning to get rid of my 3 SMR drives for a while because this type of drive isn't the best for array's. A few day's ago it got disabled during parity check. Yesterday a new 14TB WD drive arrived, shucked it and it's preclearing now. Really hope nothing goes to sh*t for the coming week as the preclear only takes 3 days for a single run😱 As soon the preclear is done, the new disk will be adopted by the array and the rebuild can start. Another 1,5 day. Let's hope the SSD won't mess up the rebuild. This one will be removed from the array when the rebuild is complete. Made me realize I need a hot-swap unit in my server. Got 2 5-bay cages but I need to remove the complete cage in order to swap out a drive wich is a pain in the butt to do. Luckily I keep track of all my drive-locations.