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  1. Hi, I have tried looking at Docker Management wikipedia page and at other posts on here but I cant understand how to solve this issue bar deleting or expanding the size of my 20Gb docker filesystem. Can anyone possibly help? Attached are my docker containers - what I don't understand is why they are taking up so much space - the are mapped where possible to the UNRAID shared drive. I have deleted a few of these docker containers but they still show here, on top of that why would come of these take so much space - nzbHydra2? MiniDLNA? Preclear? Any help would be really appreciated.
  2. No need to apologise at all! Thanks
  3. Oh I see - well manually installing it wasn't very wise then! 6.9 seems like a good update lots in it. Thanks Squid!
  4. Is there a reason I cant find this in either Community applications and Dockerhub? Im using the beta build of UNRAID. I can only see 1 app of Skitals in Community Applications.
  5. Aaand your beta comment was it.. Tried the beta version and it all connects fine. Phew! Thanks very very much! I should have given the hardware info when I initially posted - didn't think it was relevant but should. Its quite new (well brand new motherboard/RAM). Giving this info for other users in future if they encounter similar issues - the board is a Gigabyte B550i Aorus Pro (Ryzen CPU), which indeed has a 2.5Gb/s NICs, Thanks for sticking with it and spending the time itimpi (and Skatman of course).
  6. The router that supplies the whole house is: (also the UNRAID server) In the top right hand side of the dashboard it gives me The IPv4 address is Is that the Gateway address? (sorry for my ignorance!) And looking at the IP address the router says the UNRAID server is connected to its Thanks for the help btw I cant connect to the internet at all no.
  7. All my devices connected to my ASUS router are in the 192.168.50 range. Thanks on the ifconfig Its definitely related to the time - "ntpd 4.2.8p12@1.3847-o Fri Aug 2 18:40:41 UTC 2019 (Starting)" and below that: "basedate set to 2019-07-21" somehow I cant amend the time - I have done it using the GUI.
  8. Im not sure - I am guessing not if I can't connect when I type in the IP address it should/is on (according to my Router). Virgin Modem - internet => (ASUS Router attached to the Modem via LAN) => (UNRAID server) Is that the info you need? Looking at the logs I can see kernel reporting a time error - clock unsynchronised but "hwclock" and "clock" are reporting the same time. can see a line: ntpd 4.2.8p12@1.3847-o Fri Aug 2 18:40:41 UTC 2019 (Starting) I feel like this is something to do with the time - its definitely correct in the BIOS.
  9. Hi, I am setting up my new UNRAID server but having issues registering/starting the trial. I have corrected the time to my timezone and it matches the BIOS time. I have set the IPv4 DNS server to and fixed my IP on my DHCP Server. Is there anything else obvious I might be missing? I cannot connect to the internet/LAN (and have checked my connection, the cable/connection works fine on a windows machine). Thanks v much Edit - I have used the system as a Windows machine and have changed the name of the unraid server so trying to do the below in terminal (after having booted from the command line) ipconfig /flushdns nbtstat -R But I keep on getting "ipconfig: command not found". Im very new to Linux - am I doing something incorrect?
  10. I didnt, no. But I think our issues are different - looks like you are having issues connecting to the VPN itself? Im having no issues connecting, its when I am I cant connect to the unraid server to manage it. I think because when connected to OpenVPN you are limited to what the docker container can access.
  11. Im thinking of doing the same, the price is just too good to miss. Wondering if anyone had any updates?
  12. Hi all, First, thanks for the support everyone 🙂 as a result I have a great UNRAID setup (and spent far too much doing so of course!). My server is setup and working but I just cant get access to to remotely via OpenVPN. I configured OpenVPN Client and it looks to be working ok (I have forwarded 1194 as UDP), it connects using multiple devices and I am able to access the local network (confirmed by checking the IP). However something isn't right as I cant access my unraid server, or routers GUI. I checked here: and port 1194 is not open, which may suggest the issue? Internet => modem/router 1 => (forward port 1194 to router 2 IP: (DMZ enabled) router 2 => (forward port 1194 to Unraid Open VPN: I am using the ISP's router (as a modem), and forwarding the port from that - I have DMZ setup on the modem. I am using a separate Router for my local network - this is where everything is routed, including the UNRAID server. EDIT: I can see I am connected to the OpenVPN server, looking at the server GUI. Wondering if there is a setting I need to change? Would anyone have any pointers? Many thanks!
  13. I have the same issue. I have setup and port forwarded and able to connect successfully to my home network but unable to access LAN folders/LAN addresses eg the router/unraid. Anyone have any tips? One clue might be the fact that I have a modem and a router connected to that (I have port forwarded from the modem to my router). Thank you!